May 24, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Picture of the Day: Moon Bridge in DaHu Park, Taipei

by twistedsifter





Photograph by bbe022001 on Flickr


In this breathtaking photograph by bbe022001 on Flickr, we see a beautiful ‘Moon Bridge’ in DaHu (Big Lake) park in Taipei, Taiwan. I was unable to find out much additional information on this amazing photograph. I used Google translate on the photographer’s description in Chinese below, hopefully some of it adds some detail into the process that went into capturing this painting-like image:

[Translated by Google]

– On a foggy morning, including the Great Lakes Lake Park photographed scenery

1. Shooting mode: aperture light decision, F11, the metering I remember is that the matrix metering, shooting NEF files

2. Second, due to the part of the sun’s map in the top right of the sun is too bright, the mountain was too black, it will result in the dynamic range is too large, the photos will not show all. When finished post-production, it is clear part of the sun and can not figure significantly light next to the sky is pale one, but the mountain and the lake is exposed just. So I decided to use the LR gradient filters reduce the brightness of the sky and the sun. Adjust this one, regardless of exposure or angle should be very careful, because believe it will cause significant dividing line of light and dark, it would be false. When moderately above the horizontal plane made ??from dark to light from top to bottom gradient, and then below the horizontal plane with a way to do a bottom-up from dark to bright gradient, up and down a little range of the horizontal gradient filter does not affect the scope of (relative light). Horizontal upper and lower fog will be more intensive.

3. Third, backlit film, so the color will be destroyed and rendered more like a gray background. So I decided to add a little blue LR split tone part of the shadow in order to meet the morning blue color temperature (In fact, the sun already high color temperature part has not bluish). Saturation do not adjust too high would be more natural. The bright part of the Ministry will not move him, to maintain the original color. Re-adjust the exposure and brightness, but I did not move the contrast and black, because I’m afraid the mountain gradient will disappear. In order to maintain the tone of the whole shoot, so I so photos all synchronization processing (the color of the part) and then fine-tuning.