July 3, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Portraits of People Riding Invisible Bikes

by twistedsifter

father and daughter riding invisible bike look like they are flying

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



portrait of person riding an invisible bike with shadow of bike still visible

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



bike removed from picture, looks like person is floating

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



woman on street riding an invisible bike

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



person riding bike but bike has been removed everything else the same

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



father and daughter riding an invisible bike on the road

Artwork by Zhao Huasen



In the series entitled Floating, Chinese artist Zhao Huasen took seemingly mundane photographs of people in China riding their bikes down the street. He then digitally removed the bike from each image so the riders appeared to be floating.

Born in 1982 in the city of Dailian (located in the Liaoning province of Northeast China), Zhao graduated from the Experimental Art Department at the China Academy of Fine Art in 2005. He also attended the Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2007. For more information, please visit the Feizi Gallery.


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