Aug 29, 2014

Office Aquarium Doubles as Desk Divider

zig zag office aquarium also a desk divider (1)


A former call center in Boulder, Colorado replaced their boring desk dividers with fish tanks, turning their staid office into a giant aquarium. According to the Daily Mail, the tank was built in 2000 and the numerous tanks provided soothing background/white noise for the call center employees.


zig zag office aquarium also a desk divider (2)


Unfortunately the company, aptly named Freshwater Software, shuttered its doors in 2008. Former employees say the office had a wide variety of fish ranging from cichilds and catfish, to tiger fish and menos. Another former employee, Jennifer Colvin, adds: “We had a local woodworker build the frames and desktops and then had Jesse Dammann build the fish tanks on site. After 8 years, a majority of the fish we had were born there.”

[via Daily Mail]