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Her Son’s Fianceé Told Lies About Her, And Now She Isn’t Sure She Wants To Attend The Wedding

by Trisha Leigh

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Weddings seem to be a time in our lives when we really take stock – and when drama can take firm hold of the driver’s seat.

Integrating someone new into the fold can sometimes be tricky, but when they don’t want to play nice, it can get downright nasty.

This mom found herself an unexpected grandma and, after asking her son to get a DNA test, settled into the role.

This is about my son Ryan, when Ryan was a senior in college he informed me one of his one night stands told him she was pregnant.

I informed him that he should get a DNA test to be sure that he is the father.

So he did that and when he the result came back he started to date her since he was the father.

Her son’s girlfriend, though, never really forgave her.

The women, Shelly, has never liked me.

The first time I met her she made a comment about how I must think so little of her to convince Ryan to get a DNA test.

The relationship started on a horrible note. Shelly integrated into the family and our relationship didn’t warm up.

Overall I just avoided her for the most part. I was civil at events but we were not buddies.

After they got engaged, her future DIL starting telling lies about her.

They got in engaged about a two years ago.

Around last Halloween Shelly was telling the family I was saying horrible things about her.

I wasn’t.

It was my word against her and my son gave me an ultimatum.

That I apologize or I won’t be invited to the wedding.

She refused to give into her narrative and so was uninvited from the wedding.

I refused to apologize for something I didn’t do, so I was uninvited to their wedding.

At Christmas she told the family that if I was invited then they will not go.

Big drama and the family split the festivities into two days.

My sister and husband have been on my side for all of this.

Her son eventually realized his future bride was lying and asked her to come to the wedding.

The wedding is in two weeks.

I received a call from Ryan last night. It boiled down to that Shelly admitted to lying to him.

That she saw how sad he was that I wouldn’t be at the wedding and told him the truth.

He reinvited me to the wedding and I told him I am unsure and will think about it.

She’s not sure she should, or if she wants to.

I don’t want to go to the wedding for a few reason.

I don’t support the wedding, I don’t wish to be around my future DIL, I am very mad that she did this in the first place.

My reputation in the family has been affected by her lies and finally she hasn’t apologized.

The truth is getting around the rest of the family and opinions are split.

Some think I would be a jerk for not going and others think I am justified in not going.

Also I am unsure if I want a relationship with Ryan if he is with Shelly

Does Reddit think she should go? I’m super curious!

The top comment says the first step would be an apology.

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This person thinks she should tell him exactly what she is thinking.

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They’ve got such a tough road ahead.

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And this commenter wonders if there’s any real hope.

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All the sensible moms out here are on her side.

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I definitely don’t think she should go.

I bet she’s sad about losing her son, though.

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