April 26, 2024 at 6:37 am

Wife Finds That In Too Many Homes Only The Husband Gets To Enjoy Hobbies Outside The House

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner

Many women feel like there’s a gender difference when it comes to pursuing hobbies after kids.

Men claim they need free time to feel like “themselves,” but often women are saddled with the kids during their own “free time.”

This mom seems completely frustrated with the utter unfairness of it all in too many homes.

@sheisapaigeturner told her followers how she’d noticed dads seem to be taking hobby time during caring hours when children are up and at ‘em.

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner
While she added that female hobbies “often revolve around the schedules of their partner and their children and account for the domestic labor that they are handling.”

Men had found hobbies that took them out of the house during the day, like golf, hunting, rock climbing or training for a marathon, she said.

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner
While women who had more “traditional hobbies,” such as gardening, painting, reading in a book club, yoga and socializing with friends, that meant they could do those activities while being there for the kids and to do the housework!

And she added that those pastimes can be done in a “short” period of time, she added.

Unlike men’s hobbies..

“We are able and required to work our schedules and our hobbies around our families. Whereas men’s hobbies take them away from that.”

The mom said that men get all this free time when they get married because they know the wife will be at home taking care of the kids and labor duties.

And she explained this while folding clothes!

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner

She said this all played into the “domestic labor and mental load and the caring of children.”

Not all arrangements are like this, but if yours is, she suggests you get a daytime hobby of your own and leave the kids at home with their dad.

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Traditional male hobbies tend to take them away from the home and caretaking. This is made possible by the unpaid labor of women. women’s hobbies typically are scheduled around the needs of the family and take place outside of traditional caretaking hours. When women marry men, they lose time to unpaid labor, but when men marry women, they gain time. This plays into their ability to participate in hobbies. #domesticlabor #thementalload #unpaidlabor #millennialmoms #thementalloadofmotherhood #golfhusband

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Everyone deserves time off. That’s the point.

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner

Time away is hard to find.

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner

Wow. This ain’t cool!

Source: TikTok/@sheisapaigeturner

Some husbands really need a wakeup call.

Honestly, I think some of the wives around here do, too.

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