Apr 30, 2022

A Two-Year-Old Became the Youngest Mensa Member of All Time

If you’ve never heard of Mensa before, it’s the oldest and largest high IQ society in the entire world.

And in 2021, a young girl in Los Angeles named Kashe Quest became the youngest-ever member of American Mensa at only two-years-old.

Average IQ scores range from 85 to 115 and Quest touts a 146, which caught the attention of Mensa.

Quest can identify all 50 states by shape, can count to 100, and is learning English, Spanish, and sign language. Her mother said she started to recognize her daughter’s intelligence when she was only 18-months-old.


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In am email, American Mensa’s Executive Director Trevor Mitchell said, “Kashe is a remarkable girl, and what may be rare here is that Kashe’s gifts have been recognized so early in life. Her parents will be able to help her with some of the unique challenges gifted youth encounter.”

“Being the smartest person in the room isn’t always easy, and Mensa understands the importance of being challenged by others, of having our potential recognized, and of celebrating achievements.”

Pretty impressive!

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