February 1, 2024 at 10:24 am

Mysterious Air Traveler With Multiple IDs Wasn’t On The Flight Manifest And Claims To Have No Memory Of International Travel

by Trisha Leigh

It can seem as if there are no more mysteries in the world – at least, none that aren’t easily-enough solved given the reach of cameras and internet technology.

This air passenger, though, claims he traveled to Los Angeles from Russia with no idea and no idea how he got from point A to point B.

Sergey Vladimirovich Ochigava boarded a Scandinavian Airlines flight in Denmark on November 4th. He has no idea how he ended up there (according to him), and was occupying a seat that had not been sold.

Source: Pexels

He had Israeli and Russian identification, along with a phone, on his person when he was detained.

He claimed to have an American passport that he must have left on the plane, but none was found.

Not only that, but officials say his name was not on the flight manifest at all.

Source: Pexels

Ochigava claims to hold a doctorate in economics and marketing back in Russia.

An independent Russian news outlet seems to confirm this, stating that a man with the same name was issued an economics degree from Plekhanov University in Moscow.

He also used to own the (now closed) Moscow art gallery.

Perhaps most interestingly, he says he has no memory of the sequence of events that landed him on a plane bound for America.

Source: Vecteezy

Regardless he is being charged in federal court as a stowaway.

Stay tuned to see whether or not his “I can’t remember anything” defense gets very far with a judge.

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