June 30, 2022 at 1:16 am

10 Mystery Objects People Want Help Identifying

by Matthew Gilligan

Do you ever look at a page on Reddit called “What Is This Thing?”

If not, here’s how it works: people share photos of things they’ve seen but that are really confusing them because they can’t figure out what they are…

Here are 10 that you might be able to help out with.

Be sure to click on the posts so you can see if folks on Reddit helped figure out what these objects are.

1. A feeder of some sort…

It’s upside but looks to be a feeder or nester of some sort, attached to the top of the fence by previous owner. What is this thing? from whatisthisthing

2. Family heirlooms.

Stainless steel curved rods. Largest is about 9 inches. They have been in family since the 40s they all fit inside of one another. Best guess so far is glove finger stretchers. from whatisthisthing

3. Purple smoke in the air.

I know this isnt exactly an object but was hoping you guys could still help me out. What is this purple smoke? from whatisthisthing

4. I have an idea…

What are these 2 metal studs on the side of this atm? from whatisthisthing

5. What is that doing there?

Opened up an old motor I acquired at a garage sale, took this part off the top and there’s a sponge and some wires inside. Why is there a sponge inside? from whatisthisthing

6. Looks like fun!

This fancy hotel has a shallow tub with two sides. When the button is pressed, one side lights up with a red light and hot water for about 30 seconds. Then the other side lights up with blue light and cold water and shuts off after the same amount of time. from whatisthisthing

7. Liquid pouches.

What are these vest with liquid pouches worn by olympic sailors for? Worn by Dutch sailors Bekkering and Duetz during a post race interview. from whatisthisthing

8. Mysterious treehouses?

Two of these buildings on a lot where new housing is going to be built from whatisthisthing

9. Hmmmm…thoughts?

Metal, plastic, and canvas-looking fabric clips. They are a few inches long and some say FLATEX from whatisthisthing

10. Old-timey.

Cast iron, the handle on the left appears to move, and has dowels on the bottom from whatisthisthing

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