July 25, 2022 at 2:33 pm

A Mom Shared How She Feeds Her Family of 5 for $100 a Week

by Matthew Gilligan

Sydney Martin is a stay-at-home mom with three kids and she’s really mastered the art of planning meals for her family of five AND sticking to a budget.

Martin said she usually spends around $100 per week on meals, which sounds pretty amazing. Let’s see how she pulls it off every week. She plans out the upcoming week’s meals over the weekend and does all the grocery shopping to get ready.

Martin uses Tasty for a lot of the recipes she ends up using and she compares her grocery costs on different apps to get the best deals.

She said that reusing ingredients for multiple meals, finding sales and deals, and having her picky kids help out in the process ends up saving her time and money. And since her three kids are all under 7-years-old, portion sizes can really stretch.

Here’s what a full week’s work of groceries looks like for the Martins.

Throughout the week, Martin made meals for her family such as ravioli lasagna, Caesar salad, and Texas Toast.

Cheeseburger pretzel bombs.

A homemade pizza.

And she had plenty of leftovers to serve for dinner by the end of the week from all the meals she made.

It’s hard to believe that she pulls all of this off by only spending roughly $100 per week.

Get Sydney Martin’s day-by-day breakdown of a full week of every meal she made and all the ingredients she used by clicking HERE.

And be sure to follow her on Instagram, as well.

Hopefully, some of her planning and budgeting will rub off on you!

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