August 10, 2022 at 3:59 pm

7 Sounds That Today’s Kids Have Probably Never Heard

by Matthew Gilligan

Time flies and things change.

The sounds of your childhood weren’t the same as your parents’ and theirs weren’t the same as their grandparents’.

And it’s pretty fascinating to think about how some sounds just seem to disappear forever…

Take a look at these 7 sounds that kids today have probably never heard.

1. Rotary phone

Talk about nostalgia…

The unique sounds of a rotary phone bring a lot of folks back but when’s the last time you actually saw one of us these…besides a museum, maybe?

I think it’s safe to say they’re gone for good…

2. Flash cube

You could four successive photos with Instamatic cameras back in the day before you had to replace the bulb and that rapid-fire burst of clicking was a familiar sound at parties back in the day.

Play this video for your kids to really confuse them.

3. Manual typewriter

Ahhh, the good old days…

The clack-clack-clack of the keys of manual typewriters, the whack of the paper getting hit, and the ding of the bell when it was time to start a new line are definitely all things of the past.

The MacBooks these days don’t make a whole lot of noise, do they?

4. Record changer

Unless you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you’ve probably never heard or even SEEN a record changer in action if you’re under a certain age.

But these machines let you stack albums or 45s on top of each other and they would play one after the other so you wouldn’t have to keep getting up and walking over to the turntable.

Let’s see if these ever make a comeback!

5. Gas station bell

Ding ding!

Yes, kids, back in the day a bell would make a sound when you drove into a gas station and over a think black hose to let the employees inside know that you needed a fill-up and a window-washing.

6. TV sign off

Believe it or not, TV stations weren’t always 24/7.

Stations used to sign off in the wee hours and there was nothing on them for a few hours because infomercials and non-stop programming just didn’t exist back then.

So you’d get a sign-off message and then that would be it for a while.

Here’s an example of what that looked like.

7. Film projector

These clunky projectors used to be wheeled into classrooms and event spaces so 16-millimeter films could be shown to audiences.

And the sound of the sprockets ticking by as the film was shown was unmistakable.

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