August 25, 2022 at 11:47 pm

These Photos Prove the Products We Buy Are Shrinking

by Matthew Gilligan

We’ve heard a lot about inflation lately, but are you familiar with “Shrinkflation”?

It basically means that we’re paying the same price (or more) for products we’ve bought for years but the products keep getting smaller.

Yeah, it’s a major bummer!

And here are 10 photos that prove it’s happening all over the place.

1. Getting smaller…

That’s too bad.

They finally did it: Corn flakes Family Size, ~21% smaller. from shrinkflation

2. Not the lemonade!

Not cool.

Simply Lemonade (and many other juices) have gone from 64oz to 59oz to 52oz over the years while the price has remained the same or increased. from shrinkflation

3. The incredible shrinking soap.

There it goes again.

Dove Soap Shrinks Again! from shrinkflation

4. Hard to believe.

But here’s the proof.

New bounty paper towel on the left, old bounty on the right. Both packs bought at Costco. Width is smaller & the towel itself is thinner. from shrinkflation

5. Happening to everything.

Just read the fine print.

It’s happening to everything and you have to read the fine print from shrinkflation

6. Good Lord…

Those cats need to eat!

Cat food. Was $55 for 24, 5.8 oz cans. Now $62 for 24, 5.1 oz cans. That’s .7 oz. less per can, and $7 more per case. from shrinkflation

7. This is sad.

Now I’m depressed.

Pringles shrinkflation. Left is 200g, middle is 180g, right is 165g from shrinkflation

8. More proof for you.

Less coffee is not a good thing.

On the left, purchased last month 11.3oz for $4.98. On the right, purchased yesterday 9.6oz for $5.32. And the lid doesn’t fit properly on the new can, it won’t stay on. from shrinkflation

9. One month’s difference.

Cutting back, I guess…

Aldi bake from frozen pain au chocolate. The ones on the left bought last month 🙁 from shrinkflation

10. That’s WAY smaller.

Your house is gonna stink now.

Bought a bottle of Febreze for the first time in a few years, still had the old bottle. New one is 37.5% smaller. from shrinkflation

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