August 26, 2022 at 3:14 pm

This Person Ordered Three Sandwiches…and Received Three Boxes of Lettuce

by Matthew Gilligan

A TikTok user was flabbergasted when her order from McDonald’s turned out to be WAY OFF the mark.

The woman ordered three McChicken sandwiches from Uber Eats and, to her surprise, received three boxes labeled “Chicken Nuggets.”

But when she opened the boxes, things got even worse. It turns out she received three boxes of lettuce…and only lettuce.

@shan.hilton @McDonald’s ♬ Song Oh no oh no oh no no no – Hip Hop

She shared a second video to show that she had indeed ordered three McChicken sandwiches.

@shan.hilton Reply to @arinzelove ♬ Funny Laugh no no no – Sound Effect

TikTok users responded to the video.

One person said,

“I don’t think you was the only one who was high. Them McDonald’s employees is on one.”

And another viewer joked,

“You got the Easter special. You got to search for them nuggets.”

And this person had a similar experience:

“I ordered a happy meal once and they gave me cookies in the chicken nuggets box.”

I guess you should always check your order before your delivery person walks away…just in case…

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