September 25, 2022 at 4:20 am

10 Funny Questions People Asked About Millennials

by Matthew Gilligan

Those darn Millennials always seem to be in the spotlight, don’t they?

Whether they’re being made fun of or praised, they have a hard time hiding in the shadows like other generations.

And here are 10 funny questions that people posed about folks in this age group on Twitter.

Take a look!

1. For real.

We’ve had enough!

2. You don’t always have to include that, FYI.

Just so you know…

3. Not a fan of the zoom.

It is kind of distracting.

4. Please stop that.

Nerd alert!

5. Yeah, yeah, we know…

You’re not special!

6. Text overload.

This is pretty annoying.

7. Have you tried it yet?

Not for everyone…

8. Could be…

I think you’re on to something…

9. We know, we know.

You can stop saying that.

10. This is who I am.

Deal with it!

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