October 1, 2022 at 3:11 am

12 Women Share Their Dating Deal-Breakers

by Matthew Gilligan

Hey, guys, I want you to LISTEN UP!

If you’re currently dating or looking for a relationship, you should probably be well aware of the many, many things that drive women nuts.

In other words, DEAL-BREAKERS.

So pay attention to what these 12 ladies had to say, okay?

1. Better late than never.

“I found this out in my late 20s…

But if they’re a picky eater — not for me!”

2. All the same.

“”I live near Portland, Oregon, and I implemented a strict no-Nike/no-Intel rule.

It was like dating the same person on repeat (and I’ll pass on the ping-pong bar date, bro).”

3. I need labels!

“I personally H**E it when someone doesn’t want to put any labels on the relationship.

Not because I’m clingy, but because we both deserve clarity to avoid misunderstandings.

It’s part of showing emotional responsibility.”

4. Don’t be a slob.

“If something happens to my husband and I have to start over, ‘no slobs’ will be at the top of the list.

I’m not going to do all the cooking and cleaning for you.”

5. What a great guy.

“Flagrant arrogance.

After s**, one guy I was seeing said, ‘I’m the best you’ve ever had, aren’t I?’ I just couldn’t stomach being near him again.

I desperately wish you could un-f**k someone.”

6. Tacky.

“When he asks how much I make, what my rent is, how I can afford certain things, etc.

That usually means he’s trying to see if I make more money than him.”

7. You don’t care, do you?

“Anyone who mocks or criticizes my passions and interests.

If they don’t at least try to understand what I like, it’s clear they don’t care.”

8. A big one.

“I always watch how someone tips and how they treat waitstaff, cashiers, bartenders, etc.

It’s pretty telling of what kind of person someone is.”

9. Please stop that.

“When a person instantly calls me a pet name like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘princess.’

It just gives me super creep vibes.”

10. Red flags.

“My biggest red flags are if they don’t like animals, talk negatively about a woman’s appearance, call any woman a b**ch, or don’t get along with my family or friends.”

11. Run!

“If a man asks you what your body count is, run.

What happened before you met shouldn’t matter.

Any guy harping on how many other men you’ve been with is unlikely to trust you — but they will likely be controlling and immature.”

12. Up in Alaska.

“If he parks his two motorcycles in the living room, that’s probably a deal breaker.

If his trailer is leaning to the side like an old creaky boat, it probably has mold underneath. (For context, I live in Alaska.)”

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