Nov 14, 2022

A Chili’s Customer Called Out the Restaurant’s Kiosk Tip Limit

Here we go again with yet another TikTok user putting a company on blast because of its tipping policies.

And this time Chili’s was put on blast.

A man tried to leave a $12 tip on a kiosk at Chili’s and was alerted that the amount went over the maximum limit.

The text on the video reads, “To anyone working at Chili’s just know they limit what people are allowed to tip you.”

@thatdumbdiver Not sure if this is at every chili’s but it should be looked in to! It cost my server some money today since I didn’t have cash. #scam #viral #checkyourchilis @Chili’s Grill & Bar ♬ original sound – Thatdumbdiver

People on TikTok took note and shared their thoughts.

One person said,

“It’s to stop theft, tips over a certain % need manager approval.”

And another viewer added,

“If the tip is more than what you ordered it needs a manager’s approval that is any restaurant. It’s a fail-safe so customers can’t say that they didn’t mean to tip that much if they pay with the server directly instead tablet they can tip whatever.”

One TikTokker responded,

“Coltons Steakhouse is the same way. You have to have a manager enter the tip if it exceeds a certain percentage of the bill.”

The man who posted the video said he tried to get a manager to do it for him but even that person couldn’t figure out how to override the system and leave the tip the man wanted.

Hmmmm, sounds like this system needs to be overhauled, don’t you think?

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