Nov 30, 2022

A Customer Shared a Video of the “Butter Board” They Got From Texas Roadhouse, But Is It Real?

Are y’all aboard the butter board train?

If you’re not familiar with the trendy concept, butter boards are pretty much what they sound like: boards with butter and toppings for diners to enjoy.

And a woman shared a video claiming that she received a butter board at…Texas Roadhouse.

Take a look…

@rachaelmetcalf Butter boards at @Texas Roadhouse ♬ original sound – Rachael Metcalf

People on TikTok were impressed.

One person said,

“That looks amazing!”

Another added,

“Running, not walking to Texas Roadhouse.”

And some folks were a little confused…

One viewer said,

“No way. If this is true I’m quitting my job.”

Another asked,

“What’s the point of butter boards?”

Soon, alleged Texas Roadhouse employees jumped into the comments to express doubt about whether the restaurant is truly serving butter boards.

“No we don’t. Not at my location lol,” a commenter claimed.

And one person took a firm stand on this video and said,

“As someone who works at Texas Roadhouse. No. No, we don’t have butter board.”

And that’s when the truth came out…

The woman who made the video admitted it was a joke:

“They don’t. It was just a joke. It was filmed and made at Texas Roadhouse but I made it at the table and had our amazing server bring it to us for the video. He was 100% down!”

The woman who made the video later said,

“Butter boards have been a recent TikTok trend and I thought it would be funny to make one of Texas Roadhouse, because who doesn’t love their butter? My server Brandon was really cool and was totally down to make this video with us.”

Hey, why not have a little bit of fun, right?

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