Nov 29, 2022

A Man Says He Discovered Waffle House’s “Real Menu”

I live in the South, and that can only mean one thing…there are Waffle Houses everywhere!

And if you’re a Waffle House connoisseur, you might have noticed that some meals you’ve eaten at the famous restaurant aren’t on the menu anymore…and there’s a reason for that!

A TikTok user posted a video and said that the franchise has different menus, including one called a “favorites menu.”

Check out the video below.

@simplexedgxd #LifeHacks ♬ original sound – Mosa

Folks had thoughts about this revelation.

One person said they’d stick with a menu that “has pictures”. Makes sense, right?

And another viewer pointed out that knowledge of the different menus could lead to some complications with customers: “Bouta have people ordering Waffle House like they do Starbucks.”

Uh oh…we’ll have to see if other restaurants decide multiple menus is a good idea or causes too many headaches…

twistedsifter on facebook A Man Says He Discovered Waffle House’s “Real Menu”