November 14, 2022 at 11:56 pm

An Influencer Canceled a $30,000 Job Because of a Hangover

by Matthew Gilligan

You’d think that $30,000 would be enough to get anyone to a job on time…but we live in strange times, people!

And a man who owns a marketing agency owner named Zane Marshall shared a video where he claimed that an influencer canceled a job that would have paid her $30,000 for a 6-hour workday because she had a headache.

@zaneosA day in the life of a marketing agency owner 😩🫠♬ original sound – zaneos

Folks responded on TikTok calling the influencer “unprofessional” but one person commented, “If it was a migraine I don’t blame her.”

Marshall posted a follow-up video where he said that the influencer canceled the job because of a hangover and missed flights.

And he added that the people who were supposed to work on the shoot still got paid.

@zaneos Replying to @KateLemonTea ♬ original sound – zaneos

Marshall also said that he can’t say who the influencer is…yet…

It’ll be interesting if he spills the beans about this person’s identity.

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