November 4, 2022 at 8:49 am

What Should Men Not Be Judged For? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

We’re going to hear from the fellas today.

Because men are fed up with being judged for certain things…they’ve had it!

Take a look at what guys out there had to say about this.

1. It’s important.

“Seeking support with mental health.

I grew up in an environment where this wasn’t ok — but in adulthood — I very much needed help working through things and didn’t have the tools or understanding to do it alone.”

2. Your choice.

“Showing emotion, or not showing emotion.

We should get to choose how we feel.”

3. It is what it is.

“Being short.

Literally, no one has control over their height.

Judge people for the things they can control.”

4. Spa day!

“Getting physically taken care of.

Like, a massage or going to a spa. Why should women be the only ones to get that stuff?

Massages are the best thing — especially if you do lots of heavy lifting, sports, and so on.”

5. New to it.

“Not being comfortable around kids.

It doesn’t mean they can’t handle kids or don’t like kids.

Most likely, it just means they’re new to it.”

6. Ahhhh, that’s nice.

“Taking long showers.

I wish I could take a long shower without everybody in the household thinking I’m having a wank.

I just want to enjoy hot water, it’s relaxing.”

7. Not tonight.

“Not being in the mood for s**.

Women (or men) can take it so personally.

Sometimes, we’re too exhausted.”

8. Do your thing.

“Getting a sports car or new clothes.

I couldn’t afford the cars I wanted when I was younger. It’s not some phase or a mid-life crisis. Stop labeling men as immature for enjoying things they couldn’t when they were younger.

Maturity is not defined by one’s hobbies or interests. And I just like the car.”

9. Wrong hobbies.

“Having hobbies people define as effeminate.

Like baking, gardening, textiles, stuff like that.”

10. Gimme something fruity.

“Drinking cocktails instead of beer. Or, ‘girly drinks.’

It’s my money and I’m gonna drink something that tastes good.”

11. Love your mother.

“Being close to their parents.

Just because a man is close to his parents and mother doesn’t mean he’s a ‘mama’s boy.'”

12. Express yourself.

“Expressing ourselves.

My wife is pregnant and has a full-time job. Since she’s been pregnant, I’ve taken on doing 100% of the cooking, cleaning, errands, groceries, rubbing her feet, and taking care of her.

When she gets home from work, I put on her favorite show and have her relax the rest of the day; I refuse to have her do any work, and so on.”

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