November 25, 2022 at 12:39 am

Woman Documents Her Life on TikTok as a “Stay-at-Home Girlfriend”

by Matthew Gilligan

A woman named Kendel Kay shares videos on TikTok where she documents her life as a…wait for it…stay-at-home girlfriend.

Yes, apparently this is a real thing…and here’s a sample of what one of her days looks like…

@kendelkayin san diego this week visiting family 🫶🏼♬ original sound – kendel kay

Oh, you know that people had feelings about this woman’s life!

One Twitter user noticed that a screenshot from one of her videos shows the phrases “lack of fun/social life/excitement” and “unsatisfied with my looks” written in her journal.


Another woman shared her own thoughts about this in a TikTok video.

@1000mgibuprofen #stitch with @kendel kay #fyp ♬ original sound – 1000mgibuprofen

And you know that someone had to make a parody video about being a stay-at-home girlfriend.

Here’s another video of a woman poking fun at this whole phenomenon.

@geemcgwee A morning in my life as a stay at home girlfriend #morninginmylife #stayathomegirlfriend #stayathomewife #stayathomegf #sketchcomedy ♬ original sound – Gill

I guess we can safely say that this kind of lifestyle probably isn’t for everyone…

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