December 26, 2022 at 10:44 pm

14 People Who Had Really, Really Bad Days

by Matthew Gilligan

If you think you’re having a bad day…just wait until you get a load of what these people are going through!

It might make you feel a little bit better about your own situation.

Take a look at the posts below and keep these folks in your thoughts…they’re gonna need it!

1. Uh oh!

Didn’t see that one coming!

Free couch, slightly used, bring ladder from Wellthatsucks

2. You don’t see that every day.

Care to explain…?

This smoke detector caught on fire. from Wellthatsucks

3. That is gross.

Please tell me you didn’t eat it…

Found a grasshopper leg in my frozen peas, after we had already eaten half the bag earlier today from Wellthatsucks

4. Not a good way to start the day.

Major fail!

I turned on my defrost this morning, came back 10 minutes later to find this. from Wellthatsucks

5. Don’t sit on that!

You’re gonna be sorry…

a whole bee hive under the seat from Wellthatsucks

6. Major bummer.

I don’t think that’s gonna come out.

Terrible from Wellthatsucks

7. Never step in queso.

One of the worst things you can do.

Stepped in some queso on my way to get some wine at my local meijer from Wellthatsucks

8. Was your cooking really that bad?

That’s too bad…

Decided to cook for a change from Wellthatsucks

9. All that work for nothing.

Time to bring it back.

bought myself a nice TV, finally got it unpacked and set up only to find the screens broken from Wellthatsucks

10. You’re not going anywhere.

Good luck with that!

When it’s your stop and the doors open to this from Wellthatsucks

11. WTF happened here?!?!

This really SUCKS.

After a grueling day at work without food where I had to wait 4 hours for a sample to arrive which got canceled, I come home at 7pm to find all my shit in garbage bags cause the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment. from Wellthatsucks

12. No notice at all.

How rude!

Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work from Wellthatsucks

13. They’re cute, but…

You probably shouldn’t mess with them.

The only path back to my room blocked by cute but incredibly angry sea lions. from Wellthatsucks

14. Ripped off!

Whoever did this is a huge jerk.

Sold my iPad in public space at night in Minnesotan -10F temperature, turned out it’s fake. from Wellthatsucks

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