December 15, 2022 at 8:52 am

14 Times People Received Hilarious and Unexpected Responses

by Matthew Gilligan

Have you ever received a response from someone that you weren’t prepared for and it totally blew you away?

And maybe it also embarrassed the hell out of you?

Yeah…it can be jarring.

And the 14 people in the posts below definitely weren’t prepared for what was coming their way.

Check them out below and prepare to feel their shame.

1. The name is what ended it.

You should have a pseudonym.

ouch from sadcringe

2. That bad, huh?

That was out of line.

3. That wasn’t a REAL date.

Better luck next time.

“Worst she can say is no” from sadcringe

4. Mom, we need to talk.

That sounds awkward.

5. Sorry, Dad.

You blew it!

My dad forgot my birthday again and this text exchange hurts to look at from sadcringe

6. I think she’s right.

You’ll get through it!

7. I’m not Alice!

This is a major fail.

(Repost) got deleted off of r/niceguys for good reasons but maybe it’s more relevant here. My ex texted me at work asking for *pics* thinking I was someone else, and now I pray for whoever Alice is. from sadcringe

8. Didn’t go very well.

You gave him too much information.

9. Snitched on by her sister.

Not cool!

10. Took it too far.

Don’t make that mistake again.

Bro what compelled him to say this from sadcringe

11. That’s too bad.

Got ghosted for real…

12. Out of control.

Just calm down…

he didn’t need to dig himself into this hole… from sadcringe

13. Didn’t see that coming.

You should have quit, too!

14. A lot of work for nothing.

That’s gotta sting…

After all that…. from sadcringe

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