Dec 16, 2022

The Most Toxic Traits Of Older Generations, According To Gen Z

There is no shortage of fodder when it comes to generation wars on the internet. Millennials and Boomers, Gen Z and Boomers, occasionally Millennials and Gen Z, and when people remember that Gen X exists sometimes they get dragged into the fray, too.

To that end,  Gen Z (and a few Millennials) are calling out what they think is the most toxic traits of Boomers and Gen X alike – and no one is going to be happy to hear it.

15. I fail to see the insult.

I suppose it’s funny because it’s true.

14. That struggle is necessary for growth.

Is it really, though?

13. It can be both.

I’m just saying.

12. Not that they care.

But I suppose it’s time that someone should.

11. What’s it like having money?

Quick, ask your Boomer parents before they die.

10. They’re not qualified.

Thanks to you.

9. It’s tough to compute.

Especially if college was cheap/free when you went.

8. They don’t expect anyone to listen.

It’s just their emo side coming out.

7. It’s really quite expensive.

Among other things.

6. If only it were that simple.

Maybe they should try some therapy themselves.

5. That’s true.

Ask yourself if they deserve it, though.

4. Universally gross.

Everyone should stop immediately.

3. Across the board.

I’m starting to think soft must be a good thing.

2. If you say that, maybe they are talking about you.

You’re making their case for them.

1. Are there receipts for this?

I’ll wait.

Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like taking sides will just get me in trouble.

That’s what happens when you straddle a generational line, I suppose.

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