January 26, 2023 at 1:36 am

13 People Discuss They Brands They Can’t Stand

by Matthew Gilligan

I’m not really a “brand” person so all the responses you’re about to see will definitely be enlightening to me.

And I think they will be to you, too!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the brands that they are definitely not fans of.

Get started now!

1. F**king people over.


They have f**ked over so many Northern Californians between faulty equipment starting fires to working with Gavin Newsom to make the consumer pay for their damages.

They suck so much John Oliver made a Last Week Tonight about them. Breweries in NorCal even started making beer called PG&E Sucks.”

2. Time to cancel.


I had to cancel my cable by texting, calling, going in person AND calling again to cancel.”

3. Destroyers.


They single handedly destroyed Nigeria by promising to help them out of poverty. They poisoned Nigeria’s water supply with oil spills and then lied about it.

Nigeria can’t kick Shell out because it would destroy Nigeria’s economy.”

4. Evil.


They are cartoonishly evil.

Baby formula:

Targeting African developing countries, and falsely advertising.that their baby formula is better than the mother’s milk. Also failing to explain the need for water sterilization when their formula came out.

And the worse, giving formula to hospitals for free, so the formula supplement interferes with the mother lactation, and the mother stops producing milk.

When they leave the hospital, they are forced to buy formula.

They want to control water: …and make you pay for it. They are the largest bottled water company, and have famously said they believe water is not an universal right.

Child labor, a**se and trafficking Their cocoa industry supply chain is filled with allegations of use of child labor on Ivory coast, and allegations of kidnaping children from neighboring countries to work in the plantations.

Health threats Products with bad quality control caused the hospitalization of people and deaths examples: Cookie dough with E. coli in US, 2009, and Milk contaminated with melamine 2008 in China (causing a great number of victims)

Pollution Besides incentivizing people to drink their bottled water, they are responsible for a long list of environmental violations

Ethiopian Debt Trying to force Ethiopia to pay their debt to them at the same moment the country was facing a period of extreme famine.

Etc etc…”

5. BS.

“My cousin used to be a lovely person until she fell into the Herbalife bulls**t pyramid scheme.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she tried to sell to my Mom saying it could cure her cancer.

My cousin will always be d**d to me now and Herbalife and all their people can go rot in Hell.”

6. Pyramid scheme.

“Mary Kay.

And all other pyramid schemes that sell themselves as self-employment.

F**k off with a sandpaper condom, and that does double for the folks that started as victims and then rope in others to save themselves.”

7. Looking at you.

“National/international charities that give back minimally to the communities they pretend to serve.

I’m looking at you, Wounded Warriors.”

8. No respect.

“F**k Autism Speaks.

My school decorated the halls for World Autism Day and encouraged us to talk about it in classes as kind of a break from work, and I mistakenly outed myself as autistic to everyone during one of those conversations.

Later my teacher put on a whole PowerPoint drawing heavily from Autism Speaks and everyone proceeded to speak to me like a f**king ape for the remainder of my time there.

They don’t respect us, don’t want to help us, and in fact seem to believe if we didn’t exist then things would be much better.

They’re a disgusting pack of thieves and they absolutely do not speak for me.”

9. Ripping us off.


You’ll try and cross shop tickets just to realize they always redirect you to ticket master where you’re gonna pay a huge amount in convenience fees.

Buying 2 tickets you’re pretty much paying for 3.”

10. Good analogy.


Art theft, lead in children’s clothes, undoubtedly slave labor in there somewhere.

The $1 fast food meal of clothing.”

11. Exploiters.


One of the main exploiters of West Africa in recent memory, a near monopoly on diamonds jacking up prices, insists that you must buy your loved one a real diamond from them and not a cheaper synthetic one in order to prove that love.”

12. Big pharma.

“Purdue Pharma.

Highly recommend the book Empire of Pain, which tells the story of the Sackler family and the origin of the opioid epidemic in America.

Insane history behind the pharmaceutical industry, with a heavy focus on Purdue Pharma.”

13. Huge corporation.

“Walmart takes so much welfare they are a de-facto state run business.

They also completely screwed over large swaths of the heartland in the wake of the recession by driving all the other stores out of business with shady practices like undercutting by abusing volume sales over per-item margins strategies.

Those sons of b**ches are the reason our retail sectors are so desolate out here and smaller towns that were booming in the 1990s/2000s are now in decay.

Many locations also went to shit the minute they no longer had to compete with anybody. Mine hasn’t done a good job keeping up with ordering food they’re out of since the mid-2010s.”

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