January 14, 2023 at 8:36 am

What Green Flags Did You Experience That Made You Want to Go on a Second Date With Someone? People Responded.

by Matthew Gilligan

It’s time to hear some heartwarming stories, friends!

Because today we’re going to hear from people on AskReddit about “green flags” that made them want to go on second dates with people.

It’s gonna be nice and wholesome!

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Let’s go home.

“We met in a nightclub, I took him home for some fun and games.

When we woke up and had breakfast, he said “what would you like to do today?” instead of just leaving his number and doing the dash.

We’ve been together for 27 years and married for 15 of them, and we’ve almost never spent a night apart.”

2. Jump on!

“We stayed at the wine bar much longer than planned, and we were trying to race to a restaurant for food before places closed.

So, I offered her a piggyback ride to run it, due to her wearing heels. She jumped on, threw her arm forward and yelled “Onward!”

We didn’t make it to the restaurant in time, but did end up at the nearby diner for a few more hours. Been married just passed 3 years now, and leaving for our honeymoon (FINALLY, thanks COVID), in 10 hours.”

3. All night long.

“We were sprawled outside on the concrete of his front porch the whole night sharing our favorite albums together — up for hours, just listening and talking.

I remember feeling so happy, because we had just gotten close that year; it felt like I finally had the “best friend” I always wanted while I was growing up.

We finally realized how long we had been up when his dad opened the front door to leave for work and was surprised by us sitting on the steps.”

4. Not creepy.

“He made it clear it was a date and that he was interested without it ever feeling creepy or like he was pressuring me for anything.

We talked for hours, went from restaurant to walking up and down the river to my place for a beer, then I offered for him to stay over but on a mattress on the floor (I was in a studio with no couch), not in my bed and he wasn’t pushy about anything more happening.

The first few weeks he was always sweet and respectful but made it so clear that he was interested in a relationship, no back and forth or second guessing. And now we’re married!”

5. That was quick.

“A two hour date that felt like five minutes.

At the end of it she made some silly bet with me that she said if she lost, she’d go out with me again. And of course she lost.

It was about eight green flags.”

6. A nice gesture.

“When my girlfriend and I had our first date her mom sent her with 50 bucks (just in case I made her pay I guess) and since I paid, she made the waiter cry by tipping him the whole 50 bucks.

Apparently he was having a bad day.”

7. Be there soon…

“She was an hour late.

However, the entire time, she was texting me updates and telling me what she was doing to get there.

We are going to be celebrating our one year anniversary on 1/1.”

8. Have a drink.

“On our third date we watched a movie at his place.

He remembered that on our first date I ordered a Dr Pepper with my meal and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

He had Dr Peppers for me in the fridge and made me home made chocolate chip cookies. He burned them but I married him two years later anyways.”

9. Let’s go!

“She came to my door and my puppy got excited.

Without skipping a beat, she scooped up the dog and asked where the three of us were going.

That was 19 years ago. Puppy is gone but we’ve stuck together through hell and back.”

10. Safety.

“Sense of humor and feeling safe.

I was living in Reno, Nevada at the time and this is my current relationship. Our first date we went to downtown Reno to Hot August Nights. We walked through the event, viewing all the hot rod cars, and for dinner we went to Subway.

He is easy to talk to, and very funny. We took the bus from downtown to midtown viewing all the hot rods. Walked from midtown to my apartment in south Reno. Was the best night of my life so far. I love him so much.”

11. Just feels natural.

“We met up for park beers on our first date. From the get go, things just felt natural.

The conversation flowed, we laughed, and it felt more like meeting with an old friend than a first date. When it got dark, she brought me back to hers to meet her cat (no innuendo, we waited a few dates to bang, and I just really love cats.)

We didn’t plan to, but we met up the next day. And the next. Took her to a family BBQ two weeks in, and they loved her. That easy, natural feeling never left. And right now her cat (now our cat) is screaming at me for dinner.”

12. Not awkward at all.

“First date, she was driving us to a spot to go hiking, about an hour’s drive.

We’re talking and talking, but every once in awhile we wouldn’t be talking, and it just felt so comfortable and not awkward being silent together.”

13. Still together.

“He took me out for coffee in a place that he made me choose.

When I got there, he was already waiting and the way his eyes shined when he saw me. It was really adorable.

We ordered and played chess, his hand was shaking. its been a year and counting.”

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