February 18, 2023 at 10:59 pm

15 People Share What They Think Was Ruined by Rich People

by Matthew Gilligan

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but it sure seems like regular folks have been priced out of a lot of sporting events, don’t you think?

And that’s a real bummer if you ask me…

And, with that, now it’s time to hear from AskReddit users about what they think was ruined by rich folks.

Take a look at what they had to say!

1. Yes.

“Clothing brands.

Carhartt, Dickies, Levi’s and many more.

Like why did a Dickies tshirt go from $15 to almost $40 in a few years?”

2. Bummer, bro.

“Old school ski mountains with family vibes and stoner lifties rocking to music.

We always watched those silly “ski patrol” movies about the big corporations coming in and making them yuppyville and then it happened…”

3. This really sucks.

“I stopped going to professional sports because I can only afford sh**ty seats.

Not worth the effort anymore.”

4. No!

“Theme parks.

Gone are the days when everyone was equal and you all had to queue, regardless of your income. And even until recently some theme parks gave fast passes periodically throughout the day.

Now if you’ve got deep pockets you can queue jump, making your day a little better and everyone else’s a little worse.”

5. That’s depressing.

“Being poor.

I can’t even be homeless without trying to fight for a camping spot.”

6. But now…

“Music festivals….used to be a bunch of hippies having a good time and doing drugs.

Now it’s rich kids taking selfies dressed as hippies and doing drugs.”

7. Not anymore.

“Biker rallies.

Bikers used to be poor, grizzled, war vets with a chip on their shoulder, and their bike was everything.

Now it’s a bunch of yuppie lawyers and tech bros that ship in their Harley-Davidson on a trailer and fly in to the event, and pretend to be tough guys for the weekend.”

8. Too bad.


When it first launched we were content to post grainy pics of our average looking sandwich that we made ourselves. Or a mundane selfie. The background and the angle didn’t matter.

Studies show that since the wealthy started sharing their lives on IG, our collective standard of living changed. And it’s trickled down to our influencers mimicking wealth down to average users.

We’re exposed to yacht parties. expertly organized and color-coded walk-in closets, high-end facials and party-planned gender reveals. We’re benchmarking our posts with professional photographers and videographers, elevating our expectations for everything.”

9. Definitely.


In the past few years the price of little collectibles and things of that sort have gone insanely high.

Cards, action figures, you name it, just look up any sub for a hobby and you’ll see people dropping your entire salary in one day.”

10. Used to be…

“There used to be a really nice big park in the center of the city where I live.

Everyone would go there, it was a nice open space, take your kids, take your dogs, enjoy the fresh air.

Then some people from the rich part of town along the edges of the park decided they didn’t like the noise coming from the park and pulled some bullshit to buy it out and walled it off so you couldn’t go to the park unless you lived in that specific neighborhood anymore.

The worst part is a ton of money was spent when they first bought it building it up, adding fountains and childrens play areas and redoing the flower beds, and then no money or attention was given to it again and the whole place feel into disrepair so now even if you live in the neighborhood you can’t go there because everything is falling apart and over grown.

So the a**holes took the really nice park from everyone else and then neglected it until it became a s**t hole in the middle of the city.”

11. Gross.


You can’t even buy a beer at one for what a general admission ticket used to cost and people still pay for it.”

12. Mountain town.

“Back in the 1990s, my family moved into a development in a mountain town. The road wasnt even paved when we started building the house.

For most of my formitive years, it was great, there were bike paths through the woods, and some bridges over the lakes, a gas station with a shitty pizza place, lakes you couldnt swim in or use motor boats on, and there would be block parties every summer. It was a middle class development with some upper and lower middle class as well.

Then the houses started to go up and the rich folks moved in. They blocked off the bike trails when they built their homes near them, complained about the usual shenanigans the adults and kids got into, capture the flag at 9pm, nope, not any more, the coos will get called.

Then they ruined the block parties by moving them to their Cul-de-sac, and ending them early. No 2 am burgers cooked by drunk dads who snuck off and got stoned with the teens, no firing the cannon my granddad built, no water baloon fight, and instead of DJs, we got the joy of music from their 3 convertibles tuned to W-S-U-K.

Also the neighbors that were cool before, started becoming sycophants.

Oh, and they half funded an effort to make the lakes swimmable, ruined the fishing and never finished, so no swimming or fishing.”

13. Absolutely.


The over abundance of air bnbs and $2000 studio apartments in rural/suburban places is outrageous and ruining the possibility for low income and working class people to have a roof over their heads.

I live in New York State, and ever since covid all these city richies are buying up all the cheap places in the country to try and make a profit – as if they need any more money!”

14. Thrifting.

“Thrift stores.

I used to thrift a lot and found it it got ruined right when that d**n Macklemore song came out, it’s like he told everyone a secret.

I used to be able to go thrifting and come back with like 3 new work shirts and a pair of pants for like $15, good clothes too, some with the tags still on it.

After that d**n song, good luck finding my size at all, the clothes that were left were all shit, and they want $10 for a shirt now.”

15. Probably.

“I think rich people ruined all mountain towns to be honest.

I left mine after 12 years even though I had a k**ler rent deal because I knew it was only going to keep getting worse.”

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