February 4, 2023 at 12:55 am

16 People Share The Company They Most Wish They Could Bankrupt

by Trisha Leigh

If we’re talking about companies that do more harm to the world than good, I would guess the “bad” list would be at least three times longer than the “good” ones.

So if you had to pick just one terrible company to bankrupt and get rid of forever, it could be a little tough.

Not for these 16 folks, though – they have their answers ready and waiting.

16. There should always be options.


My hatred for Comcast knows no bounds. But they know they have me under their thumb because there’s literally no other option where I live.

15. I mean. You could make it happen.

The Church of Scientology.

There’s a Scientology establishment in my city that I frequently pass on my route home from work, and every day I go by I wonder how the f**k that building hasn’t been vandalized to hell at this point.

14. Must have been bad.

My last job. Small company. I’m usually not into schadenfreude but I would watch that boss burn at the stake.

While grilling marshmallows.

13. Big banks are the worst.

Bank of America. I deposited $750 one time and somehow they still cant find it 5 years later.

Even though I had the receipt for the deposit they still would not honor it.

12. No competition here.

A few months ago my kids put up a lemonade stand in our driveway. It was cute and they were selling cups of lemonade for $1/cup. After a few hours they made around $100 from sales and tips, which was cool as a Dad to see….

The following week the kids across the street did the same thing… I choose them.

11. Well deserved.

I think if you want to see the world burn, Deutsche Bank would be high on the list.

Also it would be well deserved.

10. It’s a slow burn.


Zuck is obsessed with creating a “metaverse” from his company.

Nothing seems to be going his way so far and we all know investors dont wait around too long to either get some direct profits or have their investment increase in value (or both).

Unless they correct course, They’ll soon become “one of those companies that used to be huge and now people dont even know or care what they’re doing these days”.

9. Blood on their hands.

DuPont for poisoning so many people.

I live up river from the Washington Works / Chemours (formerly Dupont) plant where they manufactured Teflon. They’ve detected C8 in the river water of an upstream tributary to the Ohio in my town.

I find the local effects of the manufacturing process alone to be absolutely crazy and then I remember that Teflon was sold world wide and these forever chemicals have contaminated the entire globe.

8. Not gonna happen.

Tencent so I will finally be free from my league of legends addiction

7. So frustrating.

The roofing company that failed to fix the leak in my roof after 2 years. They did go bankrupt though. Roof still leaks.

6. Pretty gross.

Autism speaks they don’t represent us.

they talk about autism like it’s some sort of horrible pestilence that’s gonna ruin the lives of the people who have it, and everyone around them. We should just get rid of autism speaks already

5. Worse than that, even.

Nestle is the scum of the earth.

Nestle owns the scum of the earth, and will now charge you for each drop of it that is taken.

4. Worthy of bankruptcy and prison.

The Murdoch group. The amount of damage that man has done to the UK, US and Australia should see him imprisoned for life.

3. There IS a hack for everything…

5 minute crafts. Let’s see if they can make a life hack for ‘company getting bankrupt’.

2. Evil corps.

I’m surprised no one said Mossanto or Chevron. Those a real evil corps

i did a job at a bayer phosphate plant and when everyone in towns getting cancer and they all know why…. couldnt wait to get off of that one. also ironic that the people who promote killing “weeds” also sell blood pressure medication derived from dandelions or other “weeds”

1. We all hate ’em.


  1. Venue Fee
  2. Ticketmaster fee
  3. Seat Reservation Fee
  4. Floor Space Reservation Fee
  5. Print-at-home fee
  6. Will-Call fee
  7. Scan on your phone fee
  8. Popular Band fee
  9. Unpopular Band fee
  10. Because We Can Fee
  11. F**k You Fee

I agree with all of these, but how will we choose between all of the best answers?

I’m both happy and mad we’ll probably never have to.

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