March 20, 2023 at 1:21 am

Safety Concerns Have Caused Tesla To Pause Their Full Self-Driving Cars

by Trisha Leigh

If you’ve been following the development of self-driving cars in anticipation of having less stress on the road, you’ve probably already realized that won’t necessarily be the case.

Now, though, it seems as if getting them on the road might be postponed indefinitely.

The reason? Federal regulators have deemed the “Full Self-Driving” cars a “crash risk.”

If you purchased a $15k add-on to make your Tesla fully self driving, you’ll need to wait on the company to issue a firmware update before you can give it a try.

They’ve also recalled more than 360,000 FSD-enabled cars after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found significant safety issues with that system as well.

The issues identified include “traveling or turning through certain intersections during a stale yellow traffic light” and the car’s speed while traveling “through certain variable speed zones.”

The risks are real when it comes to these features, and you definitely don’t want your car running yellow lights or changing speeds without your permission.

There’s no way to know how long it will take Tesla to update the firmware, so hold tight.

Better say than sorry and all that.

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