April 10, 2023 at 12:37 pm

What Are The Ways To Tell Someone Has No Life? People Responded.

by Trisha Leigh

Listen, as someone of a certain age who prefers to go to bed at a certain time, I think having “no life” is subjective – and if you’re fine with it, go on with your happy life.

That said, if you’re on the market or looking for friends, you might want to be able to gauge compatibility at a glance.

So, here are 15 ways people say you can tell someone has no life.

15. Pretty pathetic, really.

Being a “mean girl” ever but especially past high school

It’s surprising how even at work it feels like high school.

14. Exhausting for everyone.

Only ever talking badly about other people. Had some coworkers like this once and being around them 8 hours a day was f**king DRAINING.

The gossip begins even before they’ve clocked in. I’ve stopped talking to them about anything except what’s necessary for work.

13. Nothing better to do.

People who spend their days arguing with strangers on Facebook.

12. That’s rough.

The guy in my office who monitors how long everyone has been away from their computer.

When we switched from skype to teams at work a manager deadass told me they don’t like teams because it’s harder to track the online status of their employees.

11. The good old days.

Constantly being on social media

I had a dream last night that I was in Barnes and noble as a kid again sitting quietly for hours reading whatever embarrassing shit was out at the time in the young adult emo section…. but it made me think like damn I don’t read anymore.

It was so much fun growing up but now I just watch hydraulic presses squish m&ms on instagram reels in my free time…

… I’m going to go to the library today and check it out

10. Nobody likes that person.

the person in the office who pays attention to when people go home, and makes snarky, passive aggressive comments any time someone leaves before them. “Oh you’re leaving? I wish I could go home, I still have SO much work to do.”

9. Maybe you just need money.

Being the only guy ever offered extra shifts or hours because you never say no.

Pretty much my life atm.

8. Misery loves company.

Calling cops on kids with a lemonade stand.

7. How awful.

Hired a young guy, had zero experience, and his qualifications didn’t match, but he seemed keen, likable, and just wanting a change.

I could not get rid of him, always really early, always staying late. I reassured him that I didn’t care for that as long as the work was done, he could just do the hours set.

First red flag was that he wasn’t looking forward to time off. He made it seem that he just didn’t want to stick around at home, and never had any money. I tried to give him some ideas of cheap things to do, but it seemed like a burden to him.

His mood was often all over the place, found out he was having more issues at home, now that he was working closer and spending more time there.

It wasn’t much longer that he quit, found some job far away.

Turns out he was giving all his salary to his mum, who drank it. His life wasn’t much of anything, sat at home dealing with her , or trying to give out with zero money then getting abuse when he returned.

6. Pretty cringe.

Posting everything about your personal business and drama on social media

Vague, dramatic posts that clearly exist to bait people to ask what’s wrong or what you’re talking about.

5. They do not.

spending almost every day bugging and harassing others for choices they made that’s not hurting them or anyone else, like d**n, do they not have places to be elsewhere?

4. Nothing but drama.

As a parent with kids in school, definitely the Facebook Moms group

Those Facebook mom groups are the worst ! Nothing but drama and bashing on one another. Well at least the one I used to be in.

3. Sad is one word for it.

One of my high school friends told me that she posts things on instagram and if they don’t get more than 20 likes she deletes them.

That seemed really sad to me, that people continually check their posts and then delete them if they’re not “hitting”.

I can maybe see it if it’s a celebrity or a business account, but this was just someone with a normal job…

2. No one is buying it.

Trying to look tough on the internet.

1. Ugh, turn that off.

Tracking someone on their phone.

Real story, my husband was sick one day and both his sister and mom started tracking his phone, started texting early Monday morning wondering why he was still at home.

These seem fair, honestly.

Happy hunting for the perfect lifestyle match!

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