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People Share Facts About The Human Body That Are Truly Disturbing

by Trisha Leigh

If you sit and think too hard about it, the human body will really start to wig you out. It’s a lot of different systems, many of which are built to deal with gross stuff, and honestly, we’re not really sure how most of it works and why.

If you’re looking to get weird, though, here are some totally disturbing facts about the body you’re living in.

Those brains are always working for you.

No matter how hard you strain, its estimated you only use about 60% of your full strength. This is not due to weakness of muscle but your brain. The disturbing part? If your brain didn’t stop you, you could tear your own ligaments, muscles, tendons and break your own bones trying to throw a ball “as hard as you can”

Anecdotal urban legends of mothers lifting cars off babies are thought to have been the fight-or-flight of adrenaline temporarily overriding this limit.

You definitely don’t want that to happen.

vitamin C deficiency aka scurvy will eventually cause your collagen levels to deplete that all your old scar tissue will start to break down and old wounds will start to reopen.

You can’t fix it (easily).

Most disturbing fact for me is : Hormones in your brain drastically affect who you are as a person.

Nothing you can do about, not your mind, intelligence or will power, you are a slave to your brain chemistry.

Thank you, brain.

Your brain blocks out the feeling of your organs moving around in your body.

A related fun fact: After giving birth, some women can feel their organs sliding back into place as their uterus shrinks.

Like a performance.

You can be reset by even minor brain trauma.

Personality, attractions, dislikes, just because a lump of fat jiggled wrong, or more probably was denied a bit of oxygen. Now, you exist as memories of this person everyone knew.

And, you’re too tired to keep explaining that you aren’t him, so you just do the crap he did while everyone is watching you.

There’s a lot going on.

Not a fact exactly but I always find it weird that part of your brain is telling your body what to do.

Breathe, digest, whatever and the other part of your brain has absolutely no idea what that part is doing.

They’re part of your brain.

Once your immune system finds out you have eyes, you’re blind.

Your eyes are more “brain” than “body”. In that your meninges, which is a layer that encases your brain and central nervous system, follows the optic nerve and becomes the sclera, the layer that encases your eyes.

You just never know.

Aneurisms – highly unpredictable and seemingly random insta-death.

My mom passed away at 55, 10 days shy of her 56 birthday in ’06. Brain aneurysm.

I was living in FL but it happened Sept 13th 2006, my dad described it as her stumbling out of their bedroom saying something was wrong and on the way to the ER her last words were complaining about his driving ( he was being erratic and trying to get her to the hospital asap ).

The DRs that tried to save her told my dad the aneurysm was so deep and bad that even if she was on the operating table when it happened, she’d have been dead no matter what.

Yeah, aneurysms really suck.

Your body is on top of things (until it isn’t).

Cancer pops up and is killed thousands of times every day.

A bad way to go.

As someone who suffers from occasional insomnia and has sleepless nights, the fact that something called fatal familial insomnia exists terrifies me!

Basically, one day you simply cannot fall asleep anymore and become more and more insane until you die.

No need to dwell.

Not so much disturbing, but the fact that your nose is always in your line of sight and your brain just pretty much ignores it.

Your brain does a surprising amount of image processing before you even perceive it. Apart from removing your nose, it also flips the image due to the lenses in your eyes flipping the light, it removes the blur when moving your eyes, and it even removes some colors.

Our eyes can see more colors than we perceive, but our brain doesn’t allow us to perceive them. However, there is a way to trick your brain into temporarily deactivating that filter. By staring at a specific color for enough time, you will be able to see one of those forbidden colors.

This makes me uncomfortable.

Arteries feel like al dente noodles.

Have another drink.

You can have two thirds of your liver removed, and it’ll regenerate itself.

Oh my god stop.

If your bowel is obstructed severely and for long enough, you will vomit s*%t out of your mouth.

This happened to a girl I went to basic training with. I was in the med hold facility due to an ankle injury when she was assigned to our unit. She was on bed rest because she hadnt been able to poop for 3 whole weeks and it was causing debilitating abdominal pain for her.

They gave her laxatives, x-ray’d her stomach, and couldn’t figure out why nothing was working until the shit hit the metaphorical fan.

After about 3 days of no progress, she started vomiting s*%t and was rushed to the ER. Turned out she had a bowel obstruction made of her own hair 🤢 She chewed the end of her braid compulsively

The face I am making right now.

If you have abdominal surgery and they have to take out your intestines, they put them into a bowl next to you while they work and your intestines wiggle around in the bowl like snakes the whole time.

Then when it’s time to put your guts back in, they just kind of stuff them in there and let them snake-wiggle themselves back into place.

That seems like a lot.

You have about a kilogram of fungus, bacteria and mites that you carry around with you on a day to day basis.

So if you ever feel alone remember that.

A sweet spot.

Human babies are helpless at birth compared to other animals because our brains grow so big we evolved to give birth early in our development or else we’d kill the mother coming out of the birth canal.

Maybe living a long time isn’t the best.

I just learned today from an ophthalmologist that the jelly in our eyes liquifies as we age and I can’t get it out of my head now.

Y’all I think I’m sorry I read these.

Some things you just don’t want to think too hard about!

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