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These People Are Sharing The Scariest Places They’ve Been Online

by Trisha Leigh

The internet has been around for long enough now that most of us know there are places you definitely don’t want to end up – at least, not if you want to sleep at night.

So, if you’re going to read through the rest of this list, be prepared to leave the light on.


The video of the dude that casually gets an axe and smacks another dude in the head with it.

That video sticks with me because there were comments on the thread saying the woman needed to calm down and stop screaming.

Like she just walked in to her child with an axe in their head. Come on.

People on here can be heartless.

Why didn’t they help her?

The Anthonette Cayedito 911 call!!

She was kidnapped from her home in the 80’s at age 9, and there was a phone call from a girl to the the police claiming to be her, and a voice in the background yells “Who said you could use the phone!” Before she screams.

A girl that looked like her was also seen at a diner, she kept dropping her fork and grabbing the waitress. A note was found on a napkin that said “help me” and “call the police”.

It’s so sad and terrifying.

All too common.

the not-friendly neighbors arguing about shoveling snow.

One neighbor goes inside to get hiss gun, and then not a good ending.

Stuck on a loop.

Russian Brick Video

A guy is driving down the highway with his wife in the passenger seat. In front of them is a truck carrying a load of bricks.

At some point one of the bricks falls off and smashes through the windshield into the wife’s face. This is dash cam footage so you can’t see the aftermath.

But the combination of the husbands blood curdling scream and the still shot of the broken windshield is absolutely horrifying.

That video has been stuck in my mind for a long time now, I hate it.

Cannot unsee.

When I first came across TOR I would spend hours following random links (obviously I know how stupid that is now).

One day I came across a directory full of crime scene reports including photos and some videos, there were several autopsy reports too.

To this day the image of Mexican cartel members that have been shot in the head with hollow points still pops into my head ever now and again.

Nightmare training video.

Some guy got caught in a fabric rolling machine. His feet and legs were slamming the ground at a high rate of speed. Just turned everything that hit the ground into manburger.

Probably died of shock.

We use similar equipment at my job and they use to show that video during safety meetings. That video made me realize I have zero desire to ever watch any sort of gore video ever again.

It’s also the reason I’ll just be doing my job and imagine myself tripping, falling into the machine, and getting rolled up.

Creepy is one word for it.

Idk if this counts as scary but it was creepy.

I found out that my estranged father posted family videos to YouTube without telling or asking anyone. One of them was me as a toddler naked in a bath.

One of the most viewed videos was of my mom breastfeeding me when i was a baby. He also put the full names of several people (me included) in the titles.

This only came to my attention because a cousin of mine found these videos by looking up my name.

So fast.

Station nightclub fire video. I can’t go anywhere with indoor pyro since seeing it.

It is horrifying how fast it happened. The first people to exit are casually walking out, with their drinks, still talking with each other.

Three minutes later, people are screaming with terror and dying.

Don’t fool around, folks.

Saw a video of a girl who making a Snapchat of her and her sister drunk driving recklessly on the highway. The video ends then begins the next video of her recording after the crash her sister with her skull split in half all the way down her face moaning.

The second is a man and woman in a car. The man is showing off a pistol. The woman tried to be cheeky and snatches the pistol and points it at the man and pulls the trigger. Y’know… “Bein silly 😜” fires straight into the mans head and his eyes roll back he’s still sitting up but swaying back and forth while groaning and begins agonal breathing. The woman is confused, gets out and runs away.

The coldest thing.

Helmet cam footage from a war. During an attack soldiers got flanked, camera guy gets shot pretty bad and hears his mates dying in the background, then there’s footsteps, a guy comes close and says: oh a camera, nice!

He grabs it and walks off while filming the trenches with the bodies in there. He yells at his mate; We got them all, Ive found a camera and it’s still recording. They both rejoice.

Coldest thing.

The 90s were lawless.

In the mid 90s i remember when I was eleven trying to find naked pictures of eleven year old girls. I had absolutely zero idea about internet porn being a thing (kind of wasn’t back then I guess?), and just wanted to know what girls looked like naked.

Well…I found the pics, and eleven year old me was satisfied and didn’t think I much of it untill a fair few years later when I realised I spent about an hour in the internet and found CP. That was waaaaay too easy for a kid to find, and thank f**k it didn’t end up with cops raiding grandparents house.

It was too late.

Back in 2015 I had a cousin gone missing, and because of his behaviour prior to that (resentment towards society and suicidal thoughts), his father suspected he was planning in put an end to his life.

So by the fourth day after he went missing, I was in school checking my WhatsApp and in a random neighborhood group someone send pictures of a random dude who jumped from a telephone tower near our house. I’m not into gore, but unfortunately my phone was configured to auto-download photos and when I opened my camera roll I saw my cousin dead with his neck broken. It was awful.

Ten seconds after I saw the photos, my father calls me to give the news and warn me that people were sharing the photos online, but by that time it was too late.

Haunted and cursed.

The audio tape recording of Jonestown cult killing. It has this church music playing backwards that bleeds through from the other side of the tape while you’re hearing these people being killed.

If anything is haunted and cursed, it is that tape.

All at once.

Footage of a guy getting his throat slashed in a mall (don’t quote me on this) somewhere in Australia. The stabbed guy stands there with his hands on his throat for a few seconds and when he lets go there is so. much. blood coming out of his neck.

Like all of it at once just gushes out. He falls to the floor and that’s it. I was not expecting that at all and im pretty sure he died almost instantly. Ugh.

Full body chills.

Have family who live in a small rural town

Wanted to see if there was any YouTube content featuring the town

There wasn’t but I came across a YouTube channel that had a video that was just a featureless screen with the name Of the town then repeat the name of the town and “it’s a wonderful place to live, it’s a wonderful place to live” in a robotic voice

Thing is there were HUNDREDS of random towns all the same thing

Never found the channel again

The dread.

I actively avoid the bad stuff like everything here lol

But I love free climbing/ roof-topping content and stumbled into the video of Wu Yongning getting rim rocked on a ledge of a skyscraper hands on the ledge feet over on the wall… he didn’t have enough strength to pull himself up and then he drops off screen 62 stories

The dread of being in that situation.

Why do I read things like this?

I’m definitely going to have to make better choices in the future.

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