May 5, 2023 at 11:18 pm

What Scams Seem So Common They Now Seem Normal? Readers Share Their Thoughts!

by Trisha Leigh

The world is full of scams and scammers. If we’re being honest, it’s because there are so many out there ready and willing to fall for them – whether or not that’s right, doesn’t matter.

If there’s money to be made, even by grifting, there will be plenty of people ready to sign up.

These scams have become so common you might have forgotten you’re supposed to avoid them in the first place.

Bad for your soul.

Payday loans.

I used to work as a debt collector for a payday loan company in the UK… I was not a very good debt collector… people used to find out about the various loopholes that stopped interest being added really easily…

I worked there just before christmas… it is the job that made me go back into education… because.. my soul

We all fall for it.

Ink cartridges. printer company’s make barely any profit off of actual printers, they’re just vessels to make you buy unreasonably priced cartridges

“Hey please print this document in black and white” “F**k you give magenta”

Just say no.

Back to base security system monitoring

Huge scam.

My smart home security system alerts me faster than ADT ever did (biggest offenders) When you don’t answer the call, they will send out someone and will charge you a fee

And every-time your system messes up, it will send false error codes to the monitoring station, which they will charge you a huge fee to fix

And oh if you want to disconnect it, they guy i spoke to from ADT was going to charge me $250 call out + $50 for every 15 minutes he was at my house, and the job would of taken at least an hour he they said, they may need to go into the roof

no i just called a security installation Electrictian and he said $50 call out and $30 for every 30 minutes he was there but that was depending on the type of job

He was at my house for 5 minutes

Power off Remove power wires from control box* Protect the wires so its safe Replace cover on control box Done

He only charged $50. Compared to ADTs service which would of cost about $450

(ADT Hardwired it into our power system… without telling us what circuit they plugged into, basically one flip of a switch outside and the system turns off)

They aren’t special.

The diamond industry, specifically as it relates to jewelry. Everything that the average person “knows” about it stems from propaganda and advertisements created by DeBeers.

They aren’t rare, they aren’t worth what you pay for them, they don’t appreciate in value and are a terrible investment. They aren’t special.

Every single one of them.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the Internet that sells some sort of „millionaire education“ it’s all bullshit.

Every single one of them. They are all fucking liars, most of them are not even rich to begin with! They fake it enough that some idiots buy it. You are customers to them. Nothing more.

A fraudulent lie.

Internet Data Cap.

We’re living in our RV, and “unlimited” cellular internet is a f**king fraudulent lie. They all throttle your speed and de-priorize your data packets for using too much of your “unlimited” data.

I hate these f**kers with the fire of a thousand suns

Nothing but a virus.

Idk if it’s normalized but McAfee security service. In my own experience with the service, it’s done literally nothing for me except pop up every time I open my computer or nearly every 4 hours or so. I remember my ex gf’s grandma who fell victim for the service. I tried to talk them down from it and not to pay the service but I was much too late for any semantics.

So I just took it to memory that every computer already comes with security software and any outside security software, if not installed properly, checked with 100% concentrated power of will, you’re going to have a bad time.

At least, I’m convinced that the McAfee service is just a virus that makes you pay similar to some of those other viruses that get your photo via your personal webcam, lock your computer and show you a copy pasted photo of a “legal document” urging you to pay a ransom, what was it, ransomware.

So my belief is that Even though most people may use McAfee as a computer firewall security service, it’s more than likely a scam. Downvote me to hell, but at least convince me otherwise first.

You cannot win.

Those Keymaster games that usually have something like a Switch and a pair of Beats and stuff.

I work part time at an arcade and you physically cannot win a prize until the machine has taken its retail equivalent in cash.

Everyone’s favorite answer.


It’s not even close.

Starbucks. I pay $9.99 for 51 oz of Folgers Ground Coffee, roughly 380 8 oz cups. That comes out to about $0.02 per cup of coffee. At Starbucks, a Tall Dark Roast costs $1.85.

I could have 92.5 cups of Folgers at home before I pay for 1 Starbucks. My tub of Folgers is worth $703.00 if I were to sell it at the same price as Starbucks. AND I’m using reusable cups every day.

Not a deal.

What’s worse is when the companies try to do right and we force them back into scamming.

Stores like JC Penney sell $10 shirts for $20 at a %50 discount. They also inflate the price of belts, wallets, and underwear but then lower the price of pants. It all evens out but the customer gets the satisfaction of getting a deal.

Once they tried to get rid of that with a “fair and square” pricing strategy but it almost bankrupted the company and it never fully recovered. People don’t want to buy cheap stuff. They want to buy “expensive” stuff at a discount so they feel like they’re getting a bargain.

We can take them anytime we want.

The school picture industry. $80 for an awkward picture of my baby? Nah, thanks.

I don’t understand why that’s still a thing. Of course, years ago, school pictures were really important.

When I was a kid in the 80s, not all families owned a camera, and if they did, they probably didn’t have the ability to take good photos.

It’s too much!

Scientific journal memberships.

Not to mention that a huge part of scientific research, breakthroughs, and discoveries are often subsidized by the tax payer. So even though I helped indirectly fund their research through the NIH, I can’t read the results without a $200 monthly subscription.

I’m sure some academic ethicist could probably speak to this issue in more detail that I can, but that’s always bothered the f**k out of me.

Thanks but no thanks.

I just paid for the privilege of setting up my router.

My cable company recently started trying to charge me for my router. Which I own. I got a notice saying “we noticed an error in billing and we will be charging you for the equipment rental starting in December”.

The fuck you will, I have every receipt from every cable or phone transaction I’ve ever done for that exact reason. I paid outright for my router so I wouldnt be renting their shitty equipment at $12/month. Now they want to charge me for my own property.

After receiving that notice I hopped right on to customer service to get it resolved, and they directed me to their “loyalty department” because “they could best handle it over there”. I cut off the conversation and just cancelled my service. Cable companies are pure scum.

Not a real thing.

Those registries that people pay money to “name a star”

I keep seeing advertisements on FB for companies that will give you official lord or ladyship for like $50, based on giving you the title to a small parcel of land somewhere like Scotland. I googled one of them once, and the first result was a breakdown of why the company is fraudulent and doesn’t actually have access to any land anywhere.

Literally free.

Bottled water, like Dasani. Especially in places like an amusement park that mark ups the price a shocking amount.

Also the average markup of bottled water is 4000%, which is f**king outrageous, bc water is literally free most places.

Some of these for sure made me think.

Be vigilant out there, folks!

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