May 25, 2023 at 4:17 am

What’s Popular That You Refuse to Get Into? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

Okay, I’ll admit it: I just can’t get into online betting.

I have some friends who seem to be totally obsessed with it and they’re constantly texting each other to get tips and trade info.

But I just can’t seem to get interested…

What’s popular that you refuse to get into?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.


“I’m a new mom and there’s soooo many stupid mom trends right now.

But one of them is the like “natural” looking toys with really bland colors that are more aesthetic.

They’re toys.”

Freaky stuff.

“These AI things.

It kind of freaks me out talking to a robot or asking a robot to make something. I really don’t like the new AI person on snapchat.

I wish i could delete the “person” but im about to just stop using the app.”

No, thanks.


Not sure how to use it and I would rather waste time with Instagram, thank you very much.

Don’t need it.

“Paying to see nudity.

I’m not against por**graphy but seems crazy to me to give my money away for it.”

A bad habit.

“Sports betting.

I’ve seen friends lose a lot and go into debt because of it.”

Zero interest.

“Comic book hero movies.

I don’t h**e them or actively dislike them.

I just have absolutely zero interest.”

Doesn’t sound like a good idea.


I have OCD. I know I would lose years of my life to the cubes.

I just know it’d be like he**in to me, so I won’t ever try either of them.”

Harry who?

“Harry Potter.

I know there’s a massive fan base and I’m happy people have found something they resonate with, but the stories themselves just do not appeal to me.

All the main characters are just so uninteresting.”

Not into it.


My wife loves them and I think her ink is beautiful, but I’m too scared of needles to ever get one myself.

Plus I’m super indecisive and can’t think of anything I’d want on my body forever without second guessing myself and regretting it.”



Let’s take all the functionality of the computer that you have in your pocket and stick it on your wrist with a very very tiny screen that you can barely navigate with your fingertips. Much less see if you’re wearing glasses.

Make it die every 24 hours unless it’s charged and constantly update the software, so it never interfaces properly with your phone.

I don’t have a smart watch. I don’t want to smart watch, I have friends who have them and all they do is complain about them.

When I ask him what time it is they don’t even look at their smart watch they look at their phone.

Not to mention planned obsolescence. You’re paying $500 for something that in four years is going to be thrown in a landfill because it’s useless?”

Hot issues.

“Cancel culture, being overly sensitive, and extremist politics both liberal and conservative.”



They look like the ugliest things in the world, provide no support and they ruin any outfit.

I’ve yet to see ANYONE make them look good.”

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