May 10, 2023 at 2:47 am

Why Families Are Buying “House Cell Phones”

by Trisha Leigh

If you’re over a certain age, there’s a good chance that you had a “house phone” growing up. Otherwise known as a “landline,” this phone stayed in your home and anyone could answer it, unless no one was home, in which case an answering machine would pick up.

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I mean, I still have some of my friends’ phones numbers memorized from 30 years ago.

Since everyone has their own personal cell phone now, almost no one still pays for their landline – but now, people are realizing the benefits of having a shared phone that stays in the house.

TikToker ToriPhantom re-started this conversation recently with a video that reached 4.4+ million people.


When did you get your first phone? #parenting

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In it, they discussed why they think having a phone that is “not private property” but can be used by anyone in the home, makes perfect sense. This includes kids too young to have their own phone yet.

They say it’s a great opportunity to acclimate them to a phone without worrying about privacy or supervision issues, and they can also bring the phone with them if their parents need to reach them while they’re apart.

“My middlest kiddo likes to call when when I’m at the store (one time there was a spider on the wall; most times she wants me to bring her Oreos). My oldest likes to Facetime my brother so she can play Stardew Valley with her uncle.”

Parents also like the idea of being able to discuss phone and internet safety, so that when they do have their own phone, they’re more prepared for the responsibility when they get a bit older.

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It can also help you determine when they might be ready to have their own smart device. Right now, more than half of all kids in the US have their own smartphone by age 11, and by 12, that goes up to 2/3.

Wild, right?

I mean, what a time to be alive – and a preteen – in America.

These “family cell phones” might be just the throwback millennials need to feel more comfortable with it all.

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