June 1, 2023 at 3:12 am

People Got Real About Whether or Not They Fart in Front of Their Partners

by Matthew Gilligan

Ladies and gents…it’s time for some REAL TALK.

Because AskReddit users officially went on the record and admitted whether or not they FART in front of their partners.

Are y’all ready for this?

Let’s dive in!

Never on purpose.

“Not purposely.

I might have an accident every now and then.

Like lifting something heavy.”

You bet.

“But yes, yes I do. We’re married.

I wasn’t about to spend the rest of my life hiding a very natural bodily function.

He also knows that I poop.”



I fart behind my partner, so it sneaks up on her.”

Let’s drop the act.

“My wife of 10 years still likes to pretend like she doesn’t fart.

I’m almost offended by it. I mean I don’t expect her to act Terrence & Phillip style around the house, but I’ve seen babies escape her vagina in graphic detail, I don’t think we need to act like she’s immune to human bodily functions.

Personally I’ll attempt to quietly fart, and if she notices she’ll make a face but otherwise be ok. I have some stomach dramas and if I don’t release gas I tend to get real bad stomach cramping.

I guess personally with marriage I feel like we should be free to act like nobodies watching. It feels like a waste of energy being all private about things.”

Weird love.

“I don’t have a dog so we blame it on ducks.

We also do not have ducks.

We are weird.”



Sometimes I do it by accident, sometimes I do it intentionally.

When my partner visits, when we are in bed and we get quiet because we’re trying to sleep, I’ll randomly let one rip after about 10 minutes of silences and then we’ll burst out laughing.”

It depends.

“If the farts don’t stink, 100%.

If they’re peeling the paint off the walls, no.

Nobody wants to exist in your stink.”

Not very often.

“Very rarely.

I mean I won’t d** of embarrassment, but I also won’t do it out of respect for the fact that nobody else wants to smell that.”

Not like with the bros.

“A room away and I don’t mind if she hears a faint echo but in an ideal world I’m not ripping ass like I’m with the bros.”

It’s not cutesy.

“My partner does because he can let out small, non-offensive ones where he just says “excuse me” and moves on.

I have stomach issues, though, so it’s not all cutesy for me.

I’m never just going to let it out in front of him. I won’t willingly in front of anyone.”

A hard no.

“No, but I also try not to do it in front of anyone if I can help it.

The smell isn’t pleasant obviously so I prefer to go an empty room or the bathroom so no one else has to smell it.

No embarrassment factor or anything, just don’t want to subject people to a stink unnecessarily.”

Let’s be courteous.

“I’ve been with my wife over 25 years so I’m not hiding anything, just trying to be courteous. Of course sometimes it’ll slip out.

My kids are fair game because I like horsing around with and teasing them. I guess eventually I’ll have to stop though.”

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