July 12, 2023 at 1:56 pm

People Share Stories About Their Biggest “I Hope I’m Wrong” Moments

by Matthew Gilligan

ARIHopeImWrong People Share Stories About Their Biggest “I Hope I’m Wrong” Moments

Please tell me I’m wrong, please tell me I’m wrong.

You know that pretty much nothing good is going to come out of a situation when you pray to yourself like that…

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about their biggest “I hope I’m wrong” moments.


“I work with kids.

This one 4 year old was going through some major regression. Wetting herself, wanting to sleep with mommy and daddy, having a lot of tantrums. It wasn’t normal and I’ve been a nanny/babysitter since I was 12.

She also had a new babysitter. Her Aunt and Uncle.

As you can imagine the red flags were adding up. So I was changing her diaper (the regression got that bad) and asked if anyone had touched her down there. She broke down crying.

So I told her mother what I thought. Like, hey these are all major abuse red flags that only started happening when her Aunt and Uncle started babysitting. I hope I’m wrong. For the love of god I hope I’m wrong. But she needs a professional.

Sure enough I was not wrong.”

A bad feeling.

“When I was in hospital with my son and the professor of pediatrics kept bringing new students to me and my son daily to observe what I just could not see as a first-time mom.

The professor would ask me to do this or that with him then turn to her students and say do you see? They would say hmmmm! New batch of students the next day, rinse repeat. By day 6 I had a bad feeling that something was very wrong, but kept hoping it wasn’t.

I hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t. A few days later my baby was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.”


“Meeting a friend’s boyfriend. He was an unemployed steelworker and the look he gave me was chilling. I mentioned it to her later.

About a month later, she kicked him out. He still had the keys to the place. He was waiting for her one night and beat her into a coma, then sat there for two days as she d**d.”

Caught it early.

“The ugly black spot on my shoulder

Please don’t let it be melanoma, Please don’t let it be melanoma

I already knew it was.

Fortunately, caught it early with only wide excision and lymph node biopsy needed.”


“Sounded like a tornado.

I wanted to be wrong, but it tore the roof off of the job where I was working and ki**ed one person.”


“When I plugged a flash drive from my father’s office into my computer that contained CP and videos of my underaged sister being recorded in private without her knowledge.”

Stuck in your mind.

“When I heard news about a shooting that happened at the house my sister was living at.

My aunt came to my apt at 3 am, in the middle of a thunderstorm, she had just gotten off work and she had heard about the shooting but no victims had been confirmed.

And so I sat the entire day, I didn’t have a working cell phone then and I had went and used the gas stations phone a couple of times but the police wouldn’t tell me anything over the phone.

Eventually I was able to make it out back to my hometown where it happened and I walked up to the police outside the crime scene, they still wouldn’t tell me anything. And so I was just like on the verge of a panic attack.

One of my old neighbors waved me over and we sat on her porch and one of her granddaughters handed me her phone and the news had released some of the victims’ names and the second I saw my sister’s name on there, I lost it.

I still remember every single second of that.”

Glad you’re doing well.

“Two times.

One night noticed one of my testicle’s was hard as a rock. Sure enough testicular cancer.

Many years later, woke up with a bad headache one night. Sure enough had a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Survived both and feel great now!”


“Knowing my dad was gonna d** in surgery.

He went from one doc that was too worried to put him under because his heart was so frail. He went to another doctor and he was like “Oh yeah, this is a nothing burger. You will be all good in no time.”

I had trepidations and try to voice them to him and my mom and he jumped down my throat. He wanted it to be true so badly that any dissent was a direct attack. So I held my tongue and hoped.

He d**d on the table.”

Gone too soon.

“After my husband collapsed, he was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

I wasn’t sure what was going on… I was in shock and hadn’t seen the fall but… it started not feeling right. They had me wait in a waiting room by myself once I arrived at the hospital. Then, a doctor took me through a back way to another room… he had me sit and sat down across from me and began to ask if my husband had pre-existing conditions (something I was already asked times by first responders)…

I went from thinking it was him fainting and getting a broken nose to holy shit it’s something much worse (coma from the fall? Idk). He was 33 and healthy, though… so I quickly tried talking myself down in my head.

However, it was significantly worse. He hadn’t had a pulse in far too long and they couldn’t save him.”

So many tragic stories in this.