July 9, 2023 at 7:55 pm

People Talk About What They’d Ban if They Had the Power

by Matthew Gilligan

ARBanPower People Talk About What They’d Ban if They Had the Power

Well, this is definitely going to be an interesting conversation!

Because we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they’d ban if they had the power.

Let’s see what they had to say!


“The pop up adverts that trick you into clicking by making the X icon to have a box that’s only one pixel so you tap on the advert regardless.”

I wish…

““News” that’s not technically news so they can say whatever the f**k they want and present it as truth.

I honestly believe so so many of the issues we face today can be traced back to the spin they put on things to obscure objectivity.”

Had enough of it.

“Hidden fees. Including sales tax, auto gratuity, convenience fees, cleaning fees, credit card fees, All of it.

If you want to charge it, you need to include it in the upfront cost. The price you show on the menu/advertisement/website is the price you pay at checkout. Period.”


“How about money in politics period?

No Citizens United. No Super PACs. No lobbyists. No career politicians. No grifting. No turning the White House into QVC. If these f**ks want to make money on….I don’t know…. say actual accomplishments….save it for after you’re out of office.

Then you collect your $2B in investment funds from the Saudis and sell s**tty NFTs. No wait. I have final say? F**k that s**t too.”

I agree.

“Content tuning algorithms on social media.

They all are being tuned to force feed rage bait content and it’s radicalizing people and fracturing our society. A simple and effective thing to say would be “If a social media platform suggests or customizes content viewed by its users, they’re responsible for the content posted and the accuracy of the content”.

They can’t have it both ways: force-feeding rage bait content and then waving their hands and crying foul saying that “they didn’t write it so they shouldn’t be responsible” when it’s misinformation and propaganda.”


“Road names changing anywhere along its length.

One name for the entire length. No other road with a similar name within 20 miles. Main St and Main Ave would require one of them getting a new name.

Roads interrupted by a building or something would need two names, one for each part.

Sorry Atlanta, you only get one Peachtree Road.”

Scary stuff.


I hope all the evil s**t going on there gets exposed some day.

I know some people talk about it and people have tried to infiltrate but they need to be taken down and completely torn apart.”


“Healthcare in the US.

I work in healthcare and at my last job, I couldn’t even afford to get covered by the companies I worked with.

It’s the biggest sham there is.”

No more bailouts.

“Bailouts of banks.

Yes, including the ones we don’t call a bailout like from A FEW WEEKS AGO.

If they make sh**ty bets then they get sh**ty returns, just like the rest of us.”

That sounds brutal.

“In my country, the Philippines, despite the humid and hot weather, People are still require to wear American style FORMAL dresses (Slocks, Suit and Tie)

So my answer would be to remove that “Formal” dress code bulls**t.”

So gross.

“S**king on the beach.

Too many of the butts end up in the sand and they can last years.

Fu**ing disgrace and it needs to stop.”

I’d ban bans.

Think about it…