July 11, 2023 at 12:24 am

What Do You Love More as You Get Older? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARLoveMoreOlder What Do You Love More as You Get Older? Here’s What People Said.

You know what I love more as I get older?

Going to bed early!

It’s the best…and it makes me question why I spent so many years staying up all night…oh to be young again…

What do you love more as you get older?

Here’s what folks said on AskReddit.

I’ll be doing…nothing!

“Nothing better than not having to do anything on the weekend.

Loved that Friday evening scramble getting ready for a weekend trip as a 20-something. So much fun and excitement getting ready for a cool weekend away.

Now it feels like such a chore. I just want to chill, get some exercise, and see friends for a few hours.”

Now you get it.

“Taking naps.

I was just telling a co-worker as a kid Grandpa had mandatory nap time.

I always h**ed it until I got old, and now I understand.”

To each their own.

“Not having kids.

Seriously. I’m finally at an age I’m making enough money to actually enjoy life for a change.

I look at my friends with kids and they tell me how great life is while simultaneously giving me a face only someone taken hostage would give.”

Take care of those feet!

“Comfortable footwear.

Finally started wearing dad sandals rather than flip flops because I couldn’t wear them comfortably anymore, long distances.

I understand now.”

Eat the good stuff.

“Quality food.

Grew up on Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and all around c**ppy food.

When my wife and I make some good food, it makes a huge difference in how I feel.”



This is my old man hobby.

Almost as soon a I hit 30, I started gardening. I can’t even remember why I started.”

Thank you!

“People gifting me socks and other essentials.

If it keeps me from making a trip to the store, it’s an amazing gift.”

It’s pretty fun.

“Bird watching.

Me at 18: bird watching has to be the stupidest hobby of all time. What pathetic loser wants to look at birds?

Me nearing 40: -sees bird- I wonder what kind of bird that is. I need a bird book. And binoculars.

I gotta start writing down ones I’ve seen.”

Finally came around.

“Definitely cooking.

I treated it as such a chore when I was younger, as my mother’s idea of cooking usually involved the instruction to ‘pierce lid several times’

Whereas now I can confidently cook from scratch for myself or others and have it turn out consistently better than expected.

I think relying on a weighing scales for portions was the first real step and then keeping the heat lower until I knew what I was doing changed it from a chore that either had burnt or wasted food, to something I actually love doing correctly.”

Early bird.

“Going to bed early.

And waking up earlier. This one surprised me a bit because I’ve always been a night owl and had troubles sleeping.

But now that I’m married and have a kid I find waking up a couple to a few hours earlier than them to be so enjoyable. I get to have a couple cups of coffee and some game time in without being interrupted”

It’s the best!

“Doing things alone.

I used to ha**e being alone. I still really love being around people, but sometimes I’m riding my bike by myself or taking a long walk and I really enjoy it. I don’t have to take anyone else’s feelings or requests into account.

I just go where I want to go and do what I want to do and it’s nice. I also have time to just think. I like that. Still a total extrovert though.”

I love exercise. Can’t live without it!