July 10, 2023 at 5:47 am

What Has You Mentally Messed Up Right Now? Here’s How People Responded.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARMentallyMessedUp What Has You Mentally Messed Up Right Now? Here’s How People Responded.

Life is hard and it’s a struggle for a lot of folks there to just get through any given day.

And that struggle is harder for some people than others…

AskReddit users got real about what has them mentally messed up right now.

Take a look at what they had to say.

People suck.

“Received a text from my direct superior that was meant for another manager about how they were plotting to strip me of my new role in the company, and put me back in the position I started in, 2 years ago.

This was someone I confided in, and told me I was, “crushing it.”

People are snakes.”

A terrible loss.

“The loss of my son on June 2, 2023.

He was my whole world. I miss him so much.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health please reach out and seek help.”


“A patient of mine was in a car accident unrestrained, ejected from the windshield, and is now quadriplegic (paralyzed from neck down.)

He has said nothing since he’s been able to communicate other than “I don’t want this. I can’t live like this. Let me be in hospice care.” He had Do Not Resuscitate orders signed and filed.

Then his family came in and BERATED him, and I mean f**king berated him to not give up, not be selfish, start thinking straight, he has so much to live for, etc. The paperwork was switched back. He coded this morning. We got him back.

That could have been it. He could have made his peace in the days since he woke up and been past his suffering this morning. But no. He’ll continue to live and be dependent on machines and nurses for the rest of his life in some nursing facility, and it was never what he wanted.

Don’t be selfish, guys. I know it’s hard to see your family members hurt, but don’t forget that DNR orders and Goals of Care discussions are about the patient’s wishes, not the family’s.”

Not easy.

“Recently got divorced and “restarting” so many facets of my life has been pretty rough.

Having a 15 year routine suddenly derailed is not easy to navigate.”


“Found out I was being cheated on, became unemployed, lost my flat and had to move 200 miles away to live with my parents in the space of a month last year.

Still not recovered.”


“PC broke itself, car broke down and totaled itself, fiancee left me, had to move in with my parents, have to sell the house, and my job is eliminating my position so I’m being laid off.

It’s a struggle right now. A reeeeaaaaal struggle.”


“My 10 year old golden retriever has an overly enlarged heart and we have to put her down soon.

My wife and I just found out Friday. Daisy is the best dog ever and first dog that’s been mine as an adult.”

Sounds painful.

“I have broken my foot to the point that my foot is separated from my leg. The doctor called it a “freakishly weird” injury and it’s serious.

Two years ago I lost my big left toe in an accident and it resulted in a serious infection that I battled for months because….

Prior to that for years I battled an incredibly rare disease that causes bacteria to wreak havoc in my body. I was told I was terminal twice in ten years.

I am tired.

Most days I have a sense of humour about my very messed up life – and i am actually a very positive person – I could give even more examples of forced resilience – but this time around I am close to giving up.

It’s just too hard and I am losing even my dark humour about it all. My ability to laugh in the face of life is my saving grace and I am losing it.

That is what has me f**ked up. I don’t know what the point of life is if I can’t laugh at myself.”

It never ends.

“Life’s too much, there’s too many little fires I’m trying to put out and my body is not capable of dealing with the stress anymore.

I’m constantly angry or in pain which makes me disappointed in myself. I’m not the best version of myself that I could be, I’m not successful or happy. I don’t deserve this but maybe I do.”

Bad accident.

“My girlfriend and I watched someone get brutally ki**ed by a bus almost a week ago.

She saw much more than I did, but we’ve both been freaked out walking around town since then and honestly, nothing feels quite the same.”

Give yourself a break.

“The feeling that I should have achieved more by now. The feeling that I missed out on many things.

The feeling that I’m not enough. The feeling that I may not like myself if I ever met me.”

To everybody in this thread… I’m pulling for you.

Life gets better. Hang in there!