July 11, 2023 at 10:14 am

What Simple Mistake Ended Lives? Here’s How People Responded.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARMistakesLives What Simple Mistake Ended Lives? Here’s How People Responded.

Folks, we want you to hang on tight.

Because you’re about to hear some stories from AskReddit users about when simple mistakes ended lives.

Let’s take a look.

Easily avoided.

“There have been too many instances of rock climbers rappelling off of the ends of their ropes, which could have been easily avoided by tying stopper knots at the ends of their ropes.”

Not a game.

“When I was in elementary school my friend tried a trend that was going around at the time called “the choking game”.

His parents found him d**d in his bedroom a week after his birthday.

I still miss him.”

You hear about it all the time.

“Forgetting there’s a baby in the backseat.

I’m in childcare and I’ll do some insane things to remember there’s a baby back there. Take my shoes off, put my phone back there, dirty diaper as a reminder.

People forget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mom, nanny, father, nurse, firefighter. It happens.

And yet there’s always someone who says “I’d never forget my baby”. And every year babies d** because of it.”

Not worth it.

“I work with a guy whose brother in law (BIL) got into an argument with a guy in a pub.

Something stupid and pointless but the BIL stood up and pushed the guy, the guy pushed him back, just a push not a punch. His BIL stumbled back and fell and hit his head on the bar and d**d.

We are far more fragile than we know!”



I worked at a place that had nightly cruises on the river on weekends. Basically a bar on a boat. A guy got way to drunk before the boat took off, amd they kicked him off.

He tried to jump on the boat as it took off. The current took him under and he drowned.”

Pay attention, people.

“A man fell of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland back in 2019 while trying to take a selfie.

I remember hearing at the time that he accidentally backed off the cliff edge without looking.

So many people don’t realise the dangers of not paying close attention along the edge of those cliffs.”


“Nigerian Airlines flight 2120 (operated by Nationair) departed Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after a maintenance worker reinflated a tyre with air instead of Nitrogen.

The tyre heated up, burst, and caught fire during the take off roll. The landing gear was retracted into the aircraft and burned the aircraft from the inside out. The fire caused a mid air structural failure shortly before the pilots could return to Jeddah.

My father’s first wife was a flight attendant on that flight. Her and 260 others d**d. It remains the most d**dly aviation accident involving a Canadian airline.”

Don’t speed.

“My mom is an orthopedic RN and a few nights ago she had a patient (19M) who was in a severe car crash.

He was passing a car in front of him on a two lane road and going at least 30 over the speed limit. He didn’t see the oncoming car until there was a head on collision.

He k**led the passenger of the other vehicle, injured himself and the driver of the other vehicle, and ki**ed his grandmother in the passenger seat and his 12 year old little brother in the backseat instantly.

After he is discharged from the hospital he’ll be faced with not only three counts of vehicular manslaughter and up to 30 years imprisonment, but also the horror, guilt, and regret of having k**led his grandmother and his brother. And the passenger of the other vehicle.

Pay attention on the road and don’t speed more than 10 miles over the limit. That is a recipe for disaster.”

Bad accident.

“In Apollo 1, they filled the cabin with 100% oxygen.

Oxygen feeds flame, so when there was a spark, the cabin was engulfed in flames ki**ing all 3 crew members.”

That’s rough…

“A man in Toronto wanted to show off to his colleagues about the new “shatter-proof” glass that was installed in their high-rise office, so he ran at the window full speed and threw all of his weight into it.

He fell to his d**th, because the entire window pane popped out.”

So very tragic.