July 1, 2023 at 5:07 am

What’s the Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARFunnyPickUpLine What’s the Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard? Here’s What People Said.

Did it hurt?

When you fell from Heaven?

Does anyone still use that pickup line anymore?

I remember it used to be a classic!

But maybe things have changed…

What’s your favorite pickup line?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say!


“When I was teaching kindergarten, one of my students (who knew I love video games) dropped this one on me:

“You’re pretty. You should come to my house after school and we can play Little Big Planet. My mom makes great snacks.”

His mom and I had a good laugh about it at pick-up time.”


“This girl I used to work with and I went to a bar after work and we’re having fun, and she leans over to tell me a joke. And she says:

3 boy mice and a girl mouse were all stuck in a room with no doors and no windows. One of the boy mice asked the girl mouse how to get out and she said “Sleep with me tonight, and I’ll tell you in the morning”.

Next day he is gone. The 2nd boy mouse asks the girl mouse how he got out and she says, “Sleep with me tonight, and I’ll tell you in the morning”.

Next day, he’s gone too.

So now the girl telling me this joke says to me. “Do you want to know how the last mouse gets out of the box?” And I say “yes”. And she says, “Sleep with ME tonight, and I’ll tell you in the morning”. All this while staring me in the eyes and smiling.

I said, “Check please bartender!!” I forgot to ask her in the morning, but that was the best pickup line I’ve ever heard.”


“A woman once told me “every time I drink tequila I wind up sleeping with someone” and then proceeded to take a shot of tequila while holding eye contact with me.”

Not bad!

“Best one that worked for me was “Is my tie straight?”

In every case, the woman I was talking to would look it over, make a microscopic adjustment, pat it down to ensure it was laying flat, and say something “There. Perfect.”

So she has already gotten up close, broken the touch barrier, taken some ownership of my appearance, and has said that the result looks good.

Then I say “I’m meeting someone today.” Curiosity engaged, she asks “Who?” I say “Hopefully, you.”

That always got a smile. Didn’t always work, but worked better than anything else I ever tried.”

Good luck.

“I was at the gym, at the locker room, and this girl saw me with the same towel. She said, “we have the same towel!” and I was like, “true haha”.

Then, she said, “I wonder if we have the same phone number, too. Wanna check?”. I told her I already had a girlfriend but I wished her the best because she deserves the world.”

May I?

“A buddy of mine just graduated the fire academy, this was 30 years ago.

He and another graduate were at their graduation party at a bar, when they were chatting up some girls. His friend was talking to a taller chick, when she mentioned she might be too tall for him.

His buddy, the shorter dude remarked “I bet you’re worth the climb”.”


“I work at a grocery store, and some sugar spilled on my belt, so this old lady said “look! its your sweetness spilling out!”

Just about cried.”


“I saw a girl walking down the street once and her shoe was untied so I bent down started tying it and said “I wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else”

I was with a lot of friends at the time who lost it so it didn’t go anywhere but it seemed like it worked.”

Love story.

“When I met my now wife, I had a few beers at the time and saw her name was Sarah,

I told her “you know! If you give me a chance I can Sarah-nade you!”

That was 5 years ago and we’re expecting a child in a few weeks so I think that’s was my best pick up line ever.”

As easy as that.

“I was at a party and saw this really pretty woman walk in wearing glasses.

First thing to come to mind – pointed at my glasses and said, “Oh, good! Someone else with glasses!”

I guess it worked, we’ve been together for about 15 years.”


“Went to a bar with my uncle and his friend (both mid 50s). His friend sees a woman his age at the end of the bar.

They make eye contact. He asks the bartender to send her a drink. Then 30 mins later, another. We say goodbyes with friend about 20mins later, and all decide to leave.

He walks to the end of the bar to the lady he hasn’t spoken to the whole time we’ve there.

“Are you ready to go?”

She grabbed her purse, and they left together.”

Okay, these are pretty amazing.