August 21, 2023 at 6:26 pm

A Video Of A Boston Cop Flying Out Of A Child’s Slide Became A Viral Meme

by Matthew Gilligan

TikTokBostonCop A Video Of A Boston Cop Flying Out Of A Childs Slide Became A Viral Meme

Some videos are just SO good and SO funny that they were destined to be turned into memes.

And this is a perfect example.

First off, we understand that this fella did suffer an injury, but apparently, he’s okay and we’re glad that he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Now, on to the FUNNY.

A video of a Boston police officer flying face-first out a slide on a kid’s playground became a viral hit and the people demanded memes!

Here’s the original video.

And then the memes started!

This one compared the officer’s form to ice cubes coming out of a machine.


@cozy_40 Tell me im lying 😂 #greenscreen #fyp #foryou #fypシ #funny #relatable #trending #utopia #bostonpolice #slide ♬ original sound – Cozy B

Another woman thought she’d share a crazy slide that she designed.

This meme really nailed it.

And another Twitter user gave the video a Christopher Nolan-esque twist.

Pretty impressive!

Just keep laughing, fam!