August 3, 2023 at 7:08 pm

People Admitted the Obvious Things That They Only Recently Learned

by Justin Gardner

Obvious Thing Recently Realized AR copy People Admitted the Obvious Things That They Only Recently Learned

Oh…that’s how that works?!?!

Have you ever said that to yourself after you realized something totally obvious that you probably should have figured out years and years ago?

We all have!

And those kinds of stories are usually pretty hilarious if you ask me!

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Pepsi time!

“Growing up, my grandparents religiously had a 3:00 PM “Pepsi” time.

Like Tea Time, I guess, but with Pepsi. Every time we were over there, it happened. We all enjoyed a crisp, fizzy, cold Pepsi.

At 43 years old, I was telling that story this week, when I suddenly realized theirs were most likely spiked.”


“When getting an eye exam you are asked which looks better 1, or 2. If they are identical or too close to call, you have a 3rd option.

The same. They never told me that.”


“The ‘turn your head’ part of ‘turn your head and cough’ is so that you don’t cough on the doctor!

Was probably mid 30’s before I figured that out.

Always assumed it flexed something somewhere that helped him check whatever he’s checking for.”

Must be a tough job.

“Driving through South Dakota with my family and I was so amazed by the vast fields of livestock.

I turned to my husband and asked him how long it must take for the farmer to round up all the cows each night and get them into the barns. My husband laughed so hard.

Apparently cows don’t sleep in barns at night!”

Who knew?!?!

“Pipe cleaners aren’t just for arts and crafts.

They’re also for cleaning pipes.

I’m 35 and oh so ashamed of myself.”

It wasn’t adultery.

“I didn’t realize that in the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, the DAD was in a Santa costume…and Mom wasn’t committing adultery with a magical, fictitious old man…”

Oh, yeah…

“That there is no cheese in Chinese restaurant menus!

As in, Chinese people don’t eat cheese.

Discovered this a month ago. Whoa!”

Now you know.

“Stripper poles rotate and are not fixed.

I always just assumed the dancers spun around the fixed pole through incredible body strength.”


“That birds don’t get electrocuted on power lines because they have hollow bones like my parents said.

They don’t electrocute because they aren’t grounded.

I am a master electrician. It was a shocking revelation.”

Stayin’ alive!

“I thought The Bee Gees were black for years and I have no idea why I thought that.

Then when I saw they were white dudes I was shocked again hearing that they weren’t from America.

I am so stupid.”

You were close.

“That The Beatles (the band) and the car/bug (Beetle) are spelled different.

This was last week.

I’ve always thought Beetle (bug) was Beatle. I have no idea why.”


“That the pilgrims from the American Thanksgiving were called pilgrims because they were on a pilgrimage of sorts.

It took me seeing a news report while I was in Portugal last November and I said to my wife “oh you use the same word for pilgrims and pilgrims like we do in English”

“Yes” she replied “because they were pilgrims on a pilgrimage”.””

I have to admit… I never knew why birds don’t get electrocuted.

Now I know!