September 19, 2023 at 1:47 am

Customer Service Helps Woman Get Revenge On Her Cheating Husband Who Was Stealing From Her

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

There seem to be no shortage of people who treat their partners badly out there, and people on Reddit have no trouble calling out the jerks when they find them.

OP here works for a cable/internet company and got a call one day from a woman looking to understand why she got an odd bill. He explained there was new service, she said there wasn’t, and he realized that there wasn’t even service in the town where she lived.

(My compliance was malicious for the ex husband) I’m working in the billing queue in a call centre for one of big three telcos, and a client calls in regarding a billing concern.

This lady calls in, is puzzled by why she got charged a one time fee $49 for a wireless access point(it’s gen 1 equipment for wireless set top box’s for Optik TV).

She’s even more puzzled, why would she have that charge when she doesn’t have TV services from us. And I inform she does, it stared more or less a month ago.

She’s disputing that because Optik TV isn’t available in her area. Now I’m confused. She lives in a small town and there’s no Optik TV there.

I do a little digging and find out that someone (no ex husband) was still her on account and got 3 year contract to get a free TV for Optik TV and Internet.

Eventually they both come to the conclusion that her ex-husband was using her bank account to sign up for new service.

She begins to cry on the phone and tells me her now ex-husband had an affair with a younger woman, divorced her, milked her for as much as he could and apparently still is milking her for more.

He totally ghosted her. Moved to Alberta, changed his email, phone number, blocked her on all social media, etc.

The thing is, she and her lawyer have been looking for him for a long time, ever since he ghosted her.

In my mind I’m like, what a jerk. And I’m like, well I’m sorry if you cancel the services you’re on hook to pay for cancellation fees and so on.

I can tell her though, I can remove his access to your account and you can also add on a password, downgrade the internet and tv to the bare essentials and I can attempt to to redirect the TV gift from his address to hers but there’s no guarantee as it’s been processed already.

When she asked if she could have his phone number and address, OP was thrilled to say yes – because of course, the account was in her name, not his.

I can hear the light going off in her head. “Wait, what? You have where he’s living at now?”

“Why, yes. He’s got TV and Internet services so there’s a service address.”

She goes really quiet, says her lawyer & herself have been trying to track him down but his family and friends are being tight lipped about it.

She asks if I’m allowed to give that info to her. I smile and reply, this is your account. You have unrestricted access for service address, phone numbers, emails that your now ex-husband provided to us to get hooked up.

She asks, that I can give her his new address, his new cell number(and the 2nd number left on the account, presumably the new woman) and contact info over the phone right now.

I asked if she had a pen and paper handy.

He was thrilled to be able to help out and she was grateful she finally knew where he was. Win/win.

She was so ecstatic. And after giving her all the details from her account regarding the 2nd service address, downgrade everything,

And he was a hockey fan and there was a game playing right now with his team, so I wish i could of been a fly on the wall when the game cuts out and he calls in to ask wtf and discovers he’s been removed, and there’s an account PIN and he’s been discovered by his ex wife and lawyer.

I bet Reddit is so happy about this story, too!

The top comment says they are delighted for her.

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This person agreed the lady got pretty lucky.

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A lot of people wish they could be a fly on the wall.

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It’s definitely a story anyone can love.

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It turns out there are a lot of good telecom workers out there.

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This is objectively a good story.

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