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Her Male Friend’s New Girlfriend Demands That She Stop Staying At His House, But She Refuses Stating Their Childhood Friendship Means More Than That

by Chris Allen

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Finding and keeping a life-long friend is not an easy thing.

Through all the hills and valleys of life, so many circumstances can cause a friendship to drift apart.

So when someone comes into the middle of that, flinging accusations and ultimatums, it can hurt.

And that’s where this story finds us. And the internet came in to help.

AITA for telling my friends girlfriend, I won’t stop staying at “his house”?

I met Liam 20 tears ago [editor’s note: gonna leave that typo in there] when my parents and I freshly immigrated.

My parents met his at our first play date and since then have been besties.

She had a lot of moving around it would seem!

In 2018, we moved back to our country. But I moved here again because of Uni.

The first few months, I lived at liams place. Then I got accepted at another town and moved there.

Liams parents invite me for all the holidays as I have no other family here. Plus I stay at their house whenever I come to visit.

Introducing: the girlfriend.

Liam moved too and met his girlfriend a few years back. He introduced her last Easter.

I feel like she doesn’t like me, but that’s okay. She has made comments about thinking it’s weird that I still come around. And she brought up the girl best friend “trope”.

Ok off to a rocky start.

But she attempts to set the record straight.

I told her that Liam is not my best friend, my fiance is. Liam is like a cousin.

Last Friday I went to their house again for his father’s birthday. When it was coming to an end, she pulled me aside to tell me that I should stop coming over.

Especially now that their relationship is so serious.

But she stood her ground amidst this ultimatum.

I told her no and that she had no say over this. She said it was the right thing to do.

I told her no again. I get invited and have never been inappropriate with Liam.

Then comes the threatening texts.

She left after our talk but has been basically sending me walls of texts, saying I will regret this, etc.

I don’t think I am the AH, but he arguments are making me wonder. AITA?

A couple edit points she brings up as a post-script are worth considering as well.

Edit: I will have a conversation with Liam about boundaries, and i will show him the texts. However, I am not gonna show his parents. This is between us adults

Edit 2: Liam and I have never hooked up. We have never kissed, never had sex not even when super drunk. I have never had a crush on him, and AFAIK, he has neither.

I am calling his parents “his parents ” in this post for brevity. But, I call them aunt and uncle, and they introduce me as their niece.

Liam also calls my mom and dad his aunt and uncle. And when he did a trip around my home country he stayed with my parents for over a month.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

WHOLE lotta NTAs here.

Like this person, who pointed out the glaring amount of entitlement going on.

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Another person stressed that she take this to her friend directly.

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While this commenter had a similar, yet heartwarming story.

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This Redditor suggested screenshots ftw.

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This is definitely a “her” problem.

She shouldn’t change anything unless he asks her to.

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