September 30, 2023 at 5:25 pm

‘There’s a lot of us drowning so bad.’ She Makes $34/Hour At Her Canadian Government Job, But Can’t Make Ends Meet Or Get State Help. People Can Relate.

by Laura Lynott

Canada Tax Wages TikTok Theres a lot of us drowning so bad. She Makes $34/Hour At Her Canadian Government Job, But Cant Make Ends Meet Or Get State Help. People Can Relate.

This mom earns $34 an hour in a local government job in Canada and is living off one loaf a week!

She said she can only afford to buy $80 of groceries on the weeks her daughter is with her.

The rest of the time she’s surviving off toast and is barely affording her mortgage and bills.

Source: TikTok/@nkotbluver

“There’s a lot of us drowning so bad, that even with a life vest, I’m still gonna drown,” she told her followers, as she breaks down.

“I don’t understand how I make $34 an hour and …. I can’t pay my bills, I can’t keep gas in my car to get to work three days a week because I can’t afford it.”

She said she gets paid and her money goes straight to the car, mortgage, a couple of bills, and then food for the week.

“And I literally only buy groceries when my daughter’s home,” she said.  “On the weeks she goes to her dad, I buy a loaf of fried bread and I work really hard to keep that one loaf lasting me the whole week…”

Source: TikTok/@nkotbluver

“So I’ll eat peanut butter toast, whenever I’m hungry and it’s been working just fine,” she added.

However, last week she was a little hungrier than usual and had toast in the morning and evening.

And that was NOT in the budget!

She had to ask her mom to buy her a loaf of bread, “so that I could eat for the weekend before my daughter got home.”

Source: TikTok/@nkotbluver

She doesn’t understand why “things are so hard right now.”  She earns too much apparently to receive any state help and she can’t afford to get by despite working for local government!

Watch the full emotional video here:


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Canadians feel their economy is out of control!

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If you think $34 an hour is bad, imagine making less than half that!

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They’re talking about Canada’s failings even as far off as Dubai!!!

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We feel for all the Canadians out there. It sounds truly awful.