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A Waitress Didn’t Think A Man Spoke English, So He Played Along To Mess With Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’ve seen many of these kinds of stories on Reddit, but I think this is one of the better ones I’ve read.

Are y’all ready for a solid story about petty revenge?

Check this one out!

Think I don’t speak English? Okay, I don’t.

“Technically belongs to my husband but I was there to witness the fun


My husband (36M) is of Chinese decent but was born in America.

He speaks perfect English without an accent (okay, an American accent) and is basically just a regular guy but does deal with his fair share of ****** both small and large but he deals with it with grace.

Last weekend we were at a new restaurant that had opened up and after we sat down the waitress brought us our menus.

She then said, in that condescending way Americans speak to non English speakers, “DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?”

This was gonna be fun!

My husband initially looked mad but then something sparkled in his eye.

He turns to the waitress and very loudly says in a very exaggerated “Asian” accent “HELP WITH MENU”.

He then held the waitress captive for about ten minutes having her explain the whole menu to him dish by dish, occasionally having her repeat things.

Then my husband looked at me and said (again very loudly) “NO GOOD WE GO” so we grabbed our stuff and walked out of the restaurant and went somewhere else.”

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Well done! I bet she was embarrassed.

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