April 27, 2024 at 10:36 am

Valet Driver Can’t Figure Out What The ‘B’ Gear On A Toyota Prius’ Stick Shift Actually Does

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

There are plenty of reasons to love the Toyota Prius. From the gas mileage to their low maintenance reputation, they make up for their purported lack of cool.

Unless you’re a valet who is unfamiliar with driving them, apparently.

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

Specifically, he wasn’t sure what to do with the ‘B’ mode of the car’s shifter.

Valet @shoulders_capped wants to know what the actual point of the ‘B’ button is on the Prius, because he can’t figure it out.

He’s even trying it out on cars he’s valeting, lol.

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

“Alright so I’m a valet driver, right? This is a Prius,” he tells his followers in a viral clip, highlighting the interior of the car.

“What is that?” he says, referring to the “B” button on the Prius. “Because obviously you gotta put it in drive first, right? And then, now you can, like nothing even happened?”

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

“What the … is b?”

According to Toyota, the ‘B’ mode is actually to do with the hybrid engine, when a car brakes and runs energy back into the battery reserves.

So, the Prius ‘B’ button stands for braking, and has to do with making the vehicle run better!

Watch the full clip here:


found out it means braking. tf #valet #art #prius #b

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:


Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

More comedy.

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

Something about the ‘B’ mode is creating comedy…

Source: TikTok/@shoulders_capped

I’m just here for the jokes.

Isn’t that why we’re all on TikTok?

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