September 24, 2023 at 4:25 pm

‘There was 100% an offer.’ A Woman Moved From Florida To Virginia For A Job And Then Found Out She Hadn’t Been Hired

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

A woman named Camryn shared a video on TikTok and told a long story about an experience that made her completely question reality.

She said she applied to a job online and got a response back from the person who would be her boss at the company if she was hired for the position.

Camryn had an interview with that boss that went well and they invited her to check out their operation in a second interview.

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

She drove from Florida to Virginia and said, “The interview lasted for five hours on location so same thing as the first interview we just couldn’t shut up, we really enjoyed talking about the job it was really exciting I was excited and the kicker to this whole thing is at the end of the in-person interview, he looks at me after five hours I’ve been there, and he goes, so, I think it’s no question that I would really like to hire you for this role.”

Camryn thought this was a job offer and she asked the boss if she could have a chance to think about it because it would involve her moving to a different state. She later got in touch with the company and said she’d be taking the new job.

She talked about a starting date with her boss and got things lined up in Virginia. During this time, she was also talking with the hiring manager at the company.

She started working at the company and everything seemed to be going just fine…

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

A few days into her new job, her boss told her to talk to HR to make sure she was fully onboarded and that’s when Camryn got a huge shock.

The folks at HR told her that they were still reviewing applications for the job. The next day her boss told her something was wrong with her background check and that they were going to look at other applicants and would let her know if another job opened up later on.

Camryn said this was ridiculous because she’s never been in any kind of trouble in her life.

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

Camryn waited in her hotel room in Virginia and hoped the whole misunderstanding had been a mistake but it wasn’t. They let her know that she did not get the job and wouldn’t be working for them.

Keep in mind that she had spent a lot of money on a moving truck, gas, a storage unit, and other expenses associated with moving a long distance.

Camryn sent a letter to HR and said that if she wasn’t going to be paid for her time she was going to seek legal action.

She said, “There was 100% an offer, an intent to work, an intent to hire.”

Camryn added that the company said they’d pay her for her time and she somehow managed to keep her old job, thankfully.

What a nightmare!

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

Check out what she had to say.

And remember to watch the whole thing! It’s quite a story!


#GRWM while I explain how moved 1,000 miles for a job that wasnt ever mine!!!!!!!!!!! This ones a long one so bare with me #relocate #job #trending #jobless

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Now let’s see how people responded.

One person who works in HR can’t believe this happened.

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

Another viewer thinks she needs to sue.

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

And this TikTokker said her husband had a bad experience when they moved for a job.

Source: TikTok/@camrynspina

Always get a formal offer letter so you have the company on the hook.