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Her Nephew And His Girlfriend Wanted Her To Take Them Out To Dinner, But She Pushed Back And Insisted They Eat The Meal She Cooked

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Yowza! This woman’s nephew’s girlfriend sounds like a real treat!

And by “treat”, I mean someone you’d never want to have to deal with in your life!

Let’s just say that she sounds incredibly difficult.

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for refusing to take my nephew’s girlfriend out for pizza?

“I (35F) invited my nephew (18M) and his girlfriend (21F) over for dinner tonight.

I do this with my niece and nephew and their SOs every few months just because it’s a good way to catch up on things. I like to cook and they enjoy home cooked meals without having to lift a finger or do dishes. (Young people with full time jobs I get they don’t cook every night).

She was really going out of her way to be nice to them.

My nephew has a new girlfriend and I invited her along, since she is an extremely picky eater (not because of mental health issues or EDs or anything just extremely picky) I asked her before hand what she liked to eat and catered a full meal to her liking with her food preferences.

I spend the whole day doing groceries and cooking today as it’s my only day off from work and like I said I enjoy cooking so I do not mind this at all. And I also invited my mother so she can see her grandson and I always make way too much anyways.

Then she got a call…

I had just finished everything in prep work that I could when my nephew calls and I can tell he’s sort of awkward in calling. I ask him what’s up and he very carefully asks me if it’s okay that we just go out for pizza instead tonight.

I explain to him I rather not since i’ve been cooking all day and it’ll just go to waste and he explains to me that his girlfriend only likes the foods she told me she liked when they come from fast food places and she’s worried she won’t like it so she’d rather either not come at all or go out for pizza (implied that i’m paying for all the pizza as well).

No can do!

I can tell he’s sorry for the drama but I inform him that I’m just not gonna budge on this and I won’t be springing for pizza when i’ve been cooking all day and that she doesn’t have to come then I’ll just see him and my mom.

But she would prefer him staying home as well if I won’t cater to her needs. And since the car is in her name I would have to go pick him up which is half an hour back and forth for me at this point and not ideal.

At this point I was annoyed and told her she was kind of being disrespectful and entitled and he said he agreed but just couldn’t deal with the drama of her right now.

I told my mom this and she said that it’s financially no problem for me to spring for the pizzas and I could just portion out the food and put it in the freezer and it’s about all of us being together not about what we actually eat and that I was being an ******* for not accomodating my guest?


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That girl sounds like a nightmare.


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